Wheel Excavator 8 Ton

Wheel Excavator 8 Ton

SOCMA wheel excavator 8 ton, is highly-flexible, working either on-road or off-road.
To provides versatility, allowing you to switch between the attachments you need.
Travel at high speeds in the comfort of your cab.
The fuel-efficient engine and well-matched components deliver top power and low-emissions for environmental care.

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Wheel excavator 8 ton

SOCMA 8 ton wheel excavator is highly-flexible, working either on-road or off-road. The machine provides versatility,allowing you to switch between the attachments you need. Travel at high speeds in the comfort of your cab. The  fuel-efficient engine and well-matched components deliver top power and low-emissions for environmental care.

 All SOCMA wheeled excavators are easy to transport, offer better digging reach, and provide 360° swing for superior maneuverability and positioning over backhoes.Rethink your fleet with the most complete lineup in the industry.

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Wheeled excavators have been staples in construction fleets for decades.

1. You’re not sacrificing performance
A common misconception about wheeled excavators is that you lose the stability of a crawler. That is simply not the case. With outriggers, a wheeled excavator is every bit as stable as a comparable crawler — and you won’t be sacrificing on power, breakout/tearout forces, reach or digging depth, either.

8 ton wheel excavator

2. They’re not just for roadside work
Wheeled excavators are great for roadside work due to their mobility and versatility. Not only can the short-swing modelswork in narrow lanes for less traffic disturbance, but they’re able to easily transition from placing concrete barriers to digging after a quick attachment swap. But wheeled excavators can do so much more than just roadside work. Swap out an outrigger for a dozer blade, add a tilt rotator, and you have an incredibly versatile and mobile machine for utility installation. Outfit the machine with a hydraulically elevating cab and a grab arm with grapple for a mobile material handler. Add a guarding package and ventilation system, and it’s the perfect machine for waste handling. Add solid tires and a rotation grapple, and you can travel around a scrap yard with enough finesse to dismantle a car, component by component. Switch from a one-piece to two-piece boom for extra lift capacity in tight quarters. For added benefit, a short-swing wheeled excavator can turn within one lane of traffic. With this level of versatility, replacing a backhoe with a wheeled excavator starts to become a no-brainer for many applications.

8 ton wheel excavator

3. You’ll save on labor and cleanup
With a top speed approximately 20 mph, you can avoid having to use a lowboy and a CDL for around-town work. Outfit the trailer with overrun brakes, and you can haul up to an 8.5-ton trailer with all your supporting tools and attachments. That saves time and labor. Wheeled excavators leave less disturbance on asphalt, which means less time and money spent on cleanup.

8 ton wheel excavator

4. You’ll spend less time repositioning
Tilt rotators, such as the Steelwrist available on wheeled excavators, can drastically improve productivity. Not only do they allow for 360-degree rotation of the attachment, but also 45-degree tilt from the left or right sides. The Steelwrist also has a claw on the back — essentially a two-finger grapple — that makes it great for utility work. Imagine replacing a section of pipe. Simply park your machine in a stationary position and adjust the bucket angle to get the top, sides, and bottom of the pipe, and then rotate it 180 degrees, open the claw, grab the pipe, pull it out of the ground, use that same claw to lower in the replacement pipe, and the bucket can be rotated 180 degrees to start filling in the materials — all without repositioning the machine a single time.

8 ton wheel excavator

5. You can expect more from SOCMA
There are a number of differentiators you can expect from SOCMA. First, the Smart View feature, which provides 360-degree aerial visibility of the machine’s surroundings from inside the cab. Secondly, wheeled excavators are now covered under the Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty, which covers the boom and arm for the entirety of the initial period of ownership. Lastly, SOCMA is undergoing a significant wheeled excavator lineup expansion.

8 ton wheel excavator specifications and parameters

Working ranges

 Boom length


 Arm length


 Max. Digging depth


 Max. Digging height


 Max. Dumping height


 Min. Swing radius


 Rear tail swing radius



 Operating weight

7500KG( with blade, out trigger)

 Engine Rated power  (Model XINCHAI A498BPG-515)


 Bucket capacity


 Hydraulic system working pressure


 Swing speed


 Traveling speed


 Bucket digging force


 Arm crowd force


 Max. Grade ability


 Ground pressure



 Overall length


 Overall width


 Overall height


 Min. Ground clearance


 Wheel base


 8 ton wheel excavator

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