Electric Wheel Excavator

Zero emissions, zero pollution, low noise, low energy consumption.
Charging for 1 hour,working for 8 hours.Save 80% energy cost.
Protection level IP67, motor warranty 8 years.
Battery charge and discharge more than 4000 times.
No need to regularly maintain diesel engines,save maintenance cost more than 50%.
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Product Details

Key Technology:

1.New Dynamic Coordination Control Technology Based on Variable Speed Control.

2.Torque prediction and control method for power system based on collective hydraulic parameter feedback motor drive dedicated controller.

3.Machine auxiliary drive control technology.

4.New electro-hydraulic control technology.

5.Integrated thermal management technology.

9ton Wheel Excavator with Clamp.jpg

9ton Wheel Excavator with Clamp

12 ton Wheel Excavator Loader.jpg

12 ton Wheel Excavator Loader

Blue Wheel Excavator with drill.jpg

Blue Wheel Excavator with drill

Working Condition Vedio.

Pls Note: All of our forklift can be customised according to our Customers' requirements. 

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