MINI 2.5Ton 3Ton Telescopic Reach Forklift

MINI Telescopic Forklift
The HNT-M25/30 Telescopic Forklift can do more than a conventional forklift with mast doing. It bring cost saving in term of using time, fuel, manpower and field occupancy.

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SOCMA Telescopic Forklift:

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mini telehanlder

mini telehandler 1

mini telehandler 3

mini telehandler 4

mini telehandler 2

mini telehandler 6

mini telehandler 5

Socma Forklift related news and information

At the 2012 "Intermat" exhibition, Liebherr publicly displayed the telescopic forklift equipment that has been repositioned in the target market for the first time. The equipment currently has four models: TL 441–10, TL 441–13, and TL 451 –10 and TL 451–13. Compared with the previous models, the lifting heights of these four models are also 10 meters or 13 meters, but the maximum lifting capacity is greatly enhanced, reaching 4.1 tons and 5 tons.

The new telescopic forklifts all adopt Liebherr's innovative boom structure, which has a large cross-sectional area and strong edge compression capability, which greatly improves the torsion resistance. The lowered position of the articulation point of the telescopic boom makes the position of the center of gravity of the vehicle more reasonable, thus ensuring the stability of the new telescopic forklift. Whether it is lifting or loading operations, it reflects the extraordinary lifting capacity of the telescopic forklift. The lifting cylinders installed on both sides of the boom can avoid the influence of bending and torsion stress even when hoisting very heavy objects, ensuring the trouble-free and longest service life of the cylinders, and significantly increasing the digging force of the working device.

  The Liebherr telescopic handler uses a turbocharged, 4-cylinder in-line diesel engine with an output of 74 kilowatts (101 horsepower), and is equipped with independent intercoolers and oil coolers. The engine cooling fan adopts electronic control, and adjusts the speed by sensing the outside temperature and engine load. The perfect match between the engine and the hydrostatic traveling gearbox minimizes fuel consumption, especially when changing directions frequently. The load-sensing hydraulic system can adjust the flow of hydraulic oil output by the hydraulic pump completely according to the actual needs of the oil volume, thereby improving the economics of the operation and minimizing the work load of the components. (This article comes from Liebherr)









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