5T Telescopic Forklift

5T Telescopic Forklift

1.Rated load: 5000KG.
2.Working Device: two stage quadrilateral telescopic working arm with cross-section, high-strength quadrilateral strcuture.
3.Famous brand diesel engine, strong power and energy saving.
4.Double Turbo Hydraulic torque converter, automatic transmission with 2 speeds forward and reverse gears
5.Hydraulic steering systemm, turning radius of rear axle is small.
6, Front wheel drive, rigid suspension, rear axle steering.

Product Details

1.Introduction of 5T Telescopic Forklift

5T telescopic forklift is a new type of loading and unloading machine, which was equipped with fork and side shifter. The machine is suitable for the lifting and stacking of cargoes, and can also be used in installation and maintenance of road lighting equipments and installation of various underground pipes(such as water pipes, gas pipes, etc.). And can be widely applied to factories, stations, docks, freight yard, post and telecommunications, forest, building materials, warehouses and other places. It is a wide adaptability and high efficiency loading  and unloading machine.

5T Telescopic Forklift

5T Telescopic Forklift

2.Product description of 5T Telescopic Forklift

(A)5T Telescopic Forklift Using maintenance-free battery, cab match with fan, radio, air conditioning, more comfortable and reliable.

(B)5T Telescopic Forklift using double turbo hydraulic torque converter, stepless speed change. Single-lever control transmission system, with 2 speeds for forward and reverse gears, easier to operate

(C)5T Telescopic Forklift standard with electronic handbrake, compared to the  previous soft-axis handbrake, have a substantial increase in the operability, asthetics and sensitivity.

(D)5T Telescopic Forklift is with full hydraulic coaxial flow amplification steering system, turning radius for rear steering axle is small, steering light and flexible   

(E) 5T Telescopic Forklift has integral frame, can provide good rigidity and strength, to ensure high reliability of this type of chassis.

3.Parameters of 5T Telescopic Forklift 

5T Telescopic Forklift.jpg

4. Application of 5T Telescopic Forklift

SOCMA 5T Telescopic Forklift comes with hydraulic-mechanical transmission, hydraulic power steering, hydraulic braking and rear-wheel steering. The two-stage quadrilateral telescopic boom serves as the working unit. The fork of a regular loader is equipped with a side shifter. In addition, a range of options including such accessories as the bucket, lifting hook, and boom, etc. are available to customers. The telescopic handler offers better performance than a general fork truck in terms of the handling height and cross-country ability. 

The machines are applicable to the unstuffing and casing of pellatized goods in containers, as well as stacking and short-distance transportation of a variety of packaged goods. The telescopic handler, suitable for many different working environments, is ideal equipment for loading and unloading, lifting, and transportation in mining, factory, architecture, building material, dock, municipal engineering industries, and more.

5. Accesseries of 5T Telescopic Forklift 

Wide adaptability and high efficiency

Integrate the functions of forklifts, loaders and cranes

Excellent cross-country and extraordinary operation scope

Enhanced work device design, stable quality









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