11Ton Telescopic Crane Loader Forklift

Telescopic Crane Loader
HNT-110 telescopic crane loader,the chassis is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel steering, rigid suspension;
adopt hydro-mechanical transmission with two-speed forward and two-speed reverse, full hydraulic power steering,
and air-over-oil type drum brake; the working device is composed of the three-stage quadrilateral
telescopic boom and boom quick change device and hook. This telescopic crane loader is not only applicable
to lift the stone slabs in containers, but also can be used as a general crane, can be widely used in factory,
dock, freight yard, forest farm, construction material, warehouse, logistics and other industries.
It is a loading and unloading machine with wide adaptability and high efficiency.

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SOCMA Telescopic Forklift:


SOCMA telescopic forklift is a new type of loading and unloading machine,which was equipped with fork and side shifter. The machine is suitable for the lifting and stacking of cargoes, and can also be used in installation and maintenance of road lighting equipments and installation of various underground pipes(such as water pipes, gas pipes, etc.). And can be widely applied to factories, stations, docks, freight yard, post and telecommunications, forest, building materials, warehouses and other places. It is a wide adaptability and high efficiency loading and unloading machine.

1. Using well-known brand diesel engine, strongpower, energy saving and environment protection, to meet the requirements of efficient operations

2.Double turbo hydraulic torque converter, stepless speed change. Single-lever control transmission system, with 2 speeds for forward and reverse gears, easier to operate

3.Use dual-pump combined hydraulic system, greatly reduce the fuel consumption and energy consumption

4.With full hydraulic coaxial flow amplification steering system, turning radius for rear steering axle is small, steering light and flexible

5.Using front wheel drive, rigid suspention, rear axle steering structure, can achieve four-wheel drive. Front axle spiral bevel gear and wheel side planetary wheel to

reduce the speed and increase torque, have excellent load capacity

6. Using the integral frame, can provide good rigidity and strength, to ensure high reliability of this type of chassis.

7.Working device is two stage quadrilateral telescopic working arm, telescopic arm use large cross-section, high-strength quadrilateral structure.

8.This model standard with forks, bucket, extension forks and aerial work platform are optional. Standard with quick hitch, can choose fork positional and sideshifter.

9.The use of adjustable direction machine, air seat, joystick control valve control distribution valve and work device oil, light and flexible operation, sitting more comfortable.

10.Using maintenance-free battery, cab match with fan, radio, air conditioning, more comfortable and reliable.

11.The whole shape of the atmosphere, beautiful and smooth; luxury wide view cabin, low noise and good sealing.

 12.This series models standard with electronic handbrake, compared to the soft-axis handbrake, have a substantial increase in the operability, asthetics and sensitivity.

13.This series models standard with electronic off-axle function, compared to the manual soft shaft off-bridge mechanism, the operation is more convenient and concise, the performance also been greatly improved, can achieve two-wheel drive and four-wheel

drive switch, can better adapt to different working conditions and reduce the degree of tire wear, protect the tiers better.

14.Parts are the localization, standardization, costeffective, easy to purchzase and daily maintenance. can 

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HNT-110 Telescopic Crane loader 
 Item  Parameter  Remark  
Rated load,kg≤11000
Operating weight  kg13000
Main hook max. lifting height ,mm7605( from main hook to the ground)
Max. lifting height with full extended boom,mm10300(front hook)
Wheel base,mm2988
 Front wheel tread,mm1638
Rear wheel tread,mm1785
Min. ground clearance,mm310
Overall length ,mm5288without arm 
Overall width, mm2350
Overall height,mm2715
Rear overhang length,mm1055
Main hook max. horizontal reach,mm4800(Horizontal )
Maximum reach of full arm,mm7900( Horizontal)
Arm turnning angle up/down  (°)22°/24°
Boom turnning angle up/down(°)14°/43°
 Min. turning radius, mm6800
Max. grade abiltiy,(°)≥20%
Max. travelling speed,Km/h25
Front wheel   11.00-20
Rear wheel   9.00-20
Name   Model  Manufacturer 
Engine  4BT3.9-C100(74KW,2200R)DCEC Cummins  
 Chassis   /SOCMA 
Motor  /
Hefei Changyuan  
Driving axle                    Front
Multi-way valve   
Working oil pump  
Hefei Changyuan  
Steering gear    
Zhenjiang  hydraulic 

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11 ton telescopic crane 3

11 ton telescopic loader 4

11 ton telescopic loader 5

11 ton telescopic crane 2









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