SOCMA 1.5 Ton Electric Forklift Truck For Warehouse Indoor Service

Products description:FB15 1.5 Ton Electric Forklift Truck for warehouse indoor service

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Product Specification:

Features    1Manufacturer                     


3Load capacity                        
4Load center                           
5Power unit                              Battery ,diesel ,gasoline 
6Operator type                        

7Tire type                             At lowest point(mast)              
Air tires 
8Wheel                                    Number      Front/rear 
Dimension  9Max. lifting height                   
10Free lift                                 
11Fork size                                                    L*W*Tmm920*100*35
12Tilt range                                Mast forward/backward       deg6-12
13Overall length(without fork)     
14Total width                             
15Mast height (fork lowering)    
16Overall height fork raised       With backrest               mm4030
17Height to head guard              
18Turning raduis(outside)           
19Front face of fork to front axle
20Min. right angle stacking aisle not add load length&clearence              mm1770
Performance   21Speed Max Travelling         full/no load km/h14/16
22Lifting              full load             mm/s350
23Lifting             no load               mm/s530
25Gradeability                                    full load   %15
Weight            26Truck weight                         
27Weight  distribution             Full  load              front/rear      kg3635/555
28No  load               front/rear   kg1110/1580
Frame           29Tires                                       Number front/rear 2/2
30Model front axle  6.00-9-10-10PR
31rear axle 16x6-8-10PR
33Tread                                               Front/rear mm910/900
34Ground clearence                  At lowest point(mast)              mm105
Frame mm95
35Brake                                            Service  brake 
Hydraulic-foot peda                 
Parking brake
Mechanical lever             
Electric motor and controller         
36Battery Voltage/capacity V/AH/5hr48V-400
37Weight (standard)kg735
38Electric motorDriving motor kw/60min8
39Hydraulic driving motor                               kw/5min8.2
40Control type Electric driving  Drving AC choppedwave control mode /lifting AC voltage control mode
41Operating pressure                    Hydraulic system pressure            kg/cm²145

Socam Electric Forklift related information and news share

On the morning of November 25th 2020, the online press conference of South China Heavy Industries' electric construction machinery series with the theme of "Innovation Driven" was held at bauma China Shanghai New International Expo Center.

  The vice chairman unit of Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Association-South China Heavy Industry released the latest technological research and development results and new products such as electric wheel excavators, electric range-extended forklifts, and electric loaders. Wu Peiguo, secretary general of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, visited the South China Heavy Industry booth to congratulate him.

Chen Baoqiang, deputy director of the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Dr. Zhang Hong from the expert workstation of South China Heavy Industries, Guo Junyang, Chairman of South China Heavy Industries, and Guo Junfeng, General Manager of South China Heavy Industries attended the ribbon-cutting.

"The electrification of construction machinery is coming to you and me at an unimaginable speed." Guo Junyang, chairman of South China Heavy Industry, said that this is the first time the company has brought pure electricity and extended range electric products after participating in the Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition in 2019. Participate in the 2020 Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition.

Since 2017, South China Heavy Industry has invested in the research and development and industrialization of pure electric drive construction machinery. It is one of the earliest companies dedicated to electrification in China. It has developed: electric construction machinery series, extended-range construction machinery series, cable power supply and dual Model-powered crawler excavator series. At the same time, intelligent unmanned and big data platforms for electric engineering machinery are being developed simultaneously.

At the press conference, Guo Junfeng, general manager of South China Heavy Industry, gave a detailed explanation of the four electric construction machinery testing machines. He said that the first-generation three electric engineering machinery testing machines have been tested in actual working conditions for hundreds to two thousand hours, collecting valuable data and experience. At present, the company is engaged in powertrain control technology, composite energy storage technology, multi-mode power supply technology, mechatronics-hydraulic integration matching, energy recovery, high-voltage safety technology, reliability, fault diagnosis and key components (motor drive system, electric drive power coupling And shifting technology, integrated management control system) and other aspects have achieved rich results, for the industrialization of electric engineering machinery to create a solid foundation.

   Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology mentioned in its reply to the proposal of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will jointly issue and implement the Action Plan to Promote the Electricity of Public Vehicles to accelerate the development of the electric engineering machinery and heavy truck industry.

South China Heavy Industry believes that with the gradual advancement of the "Action Plan to Promote the Electrification of Public Sector Vehicles", the trend of environmental protection has become more stringent, and the development of construction machinery towards more environmentally friendly electrification is the general trend. Many domestic construction machinery companies will "see" Locking the electrification of construction machinery, it is expected that electric construction machinery will have a qualitative and quantitative leap in the next five years.

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