Container Reach Stacker

Container Reach Stacker

Engine:CUMMINS QSM11 Transmission: ZF/5WG261 AUTO Drive axle: Kessler D102PL341 Steering axle: Kessler L102 Load capacity (L1, L2, L3):45000kgs/31000kgs/16000kgs Lift height (L1, L2, L3):15900mm/14100mm/11350mm Spreader type: Handling ISO 20'-40' containers Email:

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 SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex  

High Quality Powerful Engine


Equipped with cummins engine, with full electrical

 control system to ensure economic fuel consumption


Equipped with turbocharger to improve the truck power and

 engine efficiency


Strong power to meet various working condition


Comply with EU stage III gas emission standard


Full lubrication performance to ensure the low noise level


The electric engine protection system shutdown the engine to avoid

the damage when low lub-oil pressure / high temperature


  SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex  

Spacious Driving Environment


 The cabin adopts the latest ergonomic design,  

      Simple & elegant, Spacious & comfortable.

● Equipped with large-colorf display for

      easy reading the real status of the truck.

● Firm cabin design to ensure the safety and comfort

      of the operator.   Good tightness, the doors &  

      windows can be opened & closed easily and  firmly.

● Equipped with multi-function joystick, All the

      control are at your  fingertips.


● The luxury seat can be adjusted according to   

      the driver’s height and weight to ensure the

      most comfortable driving and high efficiency.

      The safety glass to ensure the excellent

      all-round visibility.

● Equipped with Air-Conditioner with heating

       function to suit working in all climates.


 SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex  

Color Display


A reliable color display shows the lifting weight / boom angle / lifting height / main pressure / engine status / oil level / error code etc. All important information


The quick responding controller helps the operation high efficiency


The Automatic Transmission


ZF automatic transmission


Auto-gear transmission with 5 forwards / 3  reverse speed, makes the truck operation smooth and good economic performance


Minimum maintenance, long life time


Inching function ensure the accurate approaching performance


Reversing interlock, speed controlled downshift protection


  SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex  

Heavy Duty Drive Axle


Kessler drive axle, proven quality for heavy duty trucks, wide track, 2-stages reduction gear box, strong axle body optimized for heavy loading condition. Wet disk driving brake is free of maintenance.


This drive axle performs under shock load condition ensuring high safety and long life time .


SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex 

Three-machine and seven-cent maintenance, this is the management of construction machinery people often say a word, meaning that no matter what brand of equipment, maintenance is essential. Give you an example, two identical 6 tons of small dug, in three years after the maintenance of the car price can be higher than forty thousand or fifty thousand, which is why the price of two mobile phones one price one reason, because the focus depends on the condition of the car.

The routine maintenance methods are all understood. In the excavator's manual, it is clear that the cleaning and replacement time of each maintenance piece is clear. The maintenance of the excavator can be provided in accordance with the instructions of the manual. So today, Ah Xiang is not a conventional excavator maintenance method, but a few small skills, this is not easy to find in the instructions and Baidu, you know how many?

Lubrication oil of support wheel and sprocket wheel

The maintenance of the support wheel and the sprocket should not be known to many people. This part of the maintenance method is generally not labeled in the instructions, and the support wheel and sprocket wheel of some models are not maintenance, so many people will ignore the maintenance of these parts, until the wheel grinding wheel is serious or can not be changed directly.

SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex 

In fact, many heavy wheels and chain sprockets can be maintained. Let's take a look at this picture first.

There is a small bolt on the sprocket, which can be added to the lubricating oil. The wheel and the chain wheel in the factory will be filled with lubricating oil, but few people will pay attention to the lubricating oil in the later period.

Because the supporting wheels are often covered by soil, slight oil leakage is also difficult to find, oil leakage will cause the inner bearing wear aggravated, shortened life.

Unscrew the screw and use a syringe to add 50 milliliters of oil to each wheel. It can be replaced by the gear oil of a walking and rotary reducer, half a year to a year.

SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex 

Installation of shaft pin dustproof ring (dust proof seal)

After several years of use, the excavators wear out their axle pins, especially without the equipment of butter before working every day. The excavator is dealing with sand and clay every day, so sand easily enters the axle pin and aggravates wear. Dustproof ring is usually installed at each shaft pin of the working device, but it is also easily damaged, so it is necessary to check and replace it frequently.

There is a finished dust-proof ring on a treasure, which can adjust the tightness and compare it. Of course, there are many alternatives, such as the use of air conditioning belts, and the two pieces of perforated wire fixed.

Also can use rubber pipe (gas tank, pilot hydraulic tubing), wear wire inside and then lock the shaft pin, dust-proof effect is good.

Diesel filter cartridge

Construction machinery for monthly operation is usually supplied by site. We all know that the quality of diesel on the site is not guaranteed, and the diesel oil in Sinopec is somewhat different, so it is necessary to use a diesel filter for long term use of site diesel. This has two main advantages: first, it can provide good protection for the engine and diesel pump, and second, it can extend the life of the original car filter.

SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex 

It is important to note that the filter cartridge is best installed before the filter core, which is the first filter cartridge that comes first through the fuel tank.

Regularly cleaning the radiator

The summer is coming and some of the excavators' high temperature problems will start again. In fact, many excavators high temperature failure is caused by the radiator, which is a common reason is that the radiator has not been cleaned regularly, accumulating more and more dirt, blocking most of the blades, the bad heat of the radiator caused by the high temperature, these dirt will become more and more difficult to clean later.

So usually in the maintenance of the excavator, it is necessary to clean the various radiators, can use the pressure of water gun pressure to wash, or the use of air pump to wash.

SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex 

Frequent cleaning of the radiator will not accumulate very thick dirt, cleaning up more convenient, to maintain a better cooling capacity.

The soil in the walking motor

Gear oil for walking gear reducer is usually replaced in 500 hours, which is marked in the excavator's instructions. But the instructions don't tell us when to clean up the trash in the motor. Look at the motor, which has been "submerged" in the dirt.

SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex 

The sealing performance of the walking motor's cover plate is not so good. The long term "playing mud" or the wading operation can easily infiltrate into the sediment. For a long time, it can even fill the outer space of the walking motor. The sediment will constantly corrode the friction hydraulic tubing and the hydraulic motor. It can be seen that the exterior of the picture tubing joint box motor is full of thick rust, which will greatly shorten the life of the tubing and affect the heat dissipation of the walking motor.

So it is recommended that you open the lid once a year to clean up the mud and put butter on the running motor of the tubing joint box to prevent rust.


 SOCMA 45 tons 45t container reach stacker vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,  CVS, Fantuzzi, Terex  

Power unitDiesel
Operation typeDriver seated
Load capacity (L1, L2, L3)Q (kg)45000/31000/16000
Load centre, first row (L1)c (mm)1800
Load centre, second row (L2)C (mm)3860
Load centre, third row (L3)C (mm)6400
Axle centre to spreader center (L1-1/2 high)x (mm)2800/2600
Wheelbasey (mm)6400
Boom lift angle, raise/loweredα/β(/°)61/0
Height boom loweredh1 (mm)4945
Lift height (L1, L2, L3)h3 (mm)15900/14100/11350
Height, boom extendedh4 (mm)19000
Height of cabinh6 (mm)3900
Height, operator's seath7 (mm)2840
Towing coupling heighth10 (mm)600
Twist lock height loweredh13 (mm)1495
Overall length with spreaderl1 (mm)11618
Overall lengthl2 (mm)8410
Overall widthb1/b2 (mm)4180/3400
Width of spreader 20'/40'b3 (mm)6050/12150
Ground clearance min.m1 (mm)345
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbasem2 (mm)300
Stacking aisle 20' containersAst (mm)10225
Stacking aisle 40' containersAst (mm)13050
Turning radius
Min. pivoting point distanceWa (mm)8605
Min. pivoting point distanceb13 (mm)3400
Wheelspan, front wheelsb10 (mm)3030
Wheelspan, rear wheelb11 (mm)2786
Weight (unladen/laden)kg71400/116400
Load on drive axle (unladen/laden)kg36400/101900
Load on steering axle (unladen/laden)kg35000/14500
Travelling speed (unladen/laden)Km/h25/21
Gradeability (unladen/laden)%30/28.8
Tractive force (unladen/laden)Kn325
Lifting speed (unladen/laden)m/s0.39/0.28
Lowering speed (unladen/laden)m/s0.39/0.39
Movable closed cabin
Equipped with A/C, cooling/heating functions
Noise level at driver's seatdBA74
Cylinder no./displacement
6/10820 cm3
Rated power @ rated speed
250kw @ 2100rpm
Max. torque
1674Nm@ 1500rpm
Rated current of alternator
Clutch type
Torque converter
Gear no.
Drive wheels
18.00-25 40PR
Steering wheels
18.00-25 40PR
10 bar
Quantity, front/rear
Hydraulic oil tankL800
Fuel tankL500
Double action cylinder
Service brake
Hydraulic wet-disc
Parking brake
Electric released disc brake, enabled when power off
Twin piston pump
Max. pressure: 310 bar
Load sensing system
Hydraulic cooler with electric motor
Separate brake oil tank
2x Dual action lift cylinders
1x Dual action extension cylinder
Handling ISO 20'-40' containers
2x damping cylinder2x gearbox & brake system
Rotate degrees-105°/+195°
Error display system
Counter system for containers
Weighing system (low precision)
Electric anti-overload system
Full can-bus control system
Direction gearshift interlock
Parking brake enabled when power off
Seat switch
Locking/unlocking only after correct landing
Lifting/lowering only when the 4 twistlocks on same position
Anticollision rotation limit switch

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