What Is The Most Important Thing To Watch For A Forklift?

- May 31, 2018-

1. Loading and unloading performance:

It reflects the lifting capacity and efficiency of forklifts, and is an important factor determining the productivity of forklift trucks. It is often characterized by rated weight, load center distance, maximum lifting height, free lifting height, rise and fall speed, and the angle of the front and back of the door frame.

2. Traction performance:

It reflects the driving ability of forklift truck. It is usually characterized by full load and no load maximum driving speed, full load and no load maximum climbing gradient and hook traction force. It has a greater impact on the productivity of forklifts, especially under the conditions of larger handling distance.

3. Braking performance:

It reflects the ability of forklifts to decelerate and stop rapidly during driving, which determines the safety of forklift operation.

4. Stability:

It refers to the ability of forklift to resist rollover under various conditions. It is a necessary condition to ensure the safety of forklift operation. The relevant standards stipulate that forklift trucks must carry out longitudinal stability and lateral stability tests, and all of them can be sold after being qualified.

5. Mobility:

It reflects the ability of forklifts to flexibly turn and operate in narrow passageways and venues, which is related to the adaptability of forklifts to the workplaces and the utilization ratio of warehouses and freight yards.  The technical parameters related to maneuverability include minimum turning radius, minimum width of right angle channel and minimum width of stacking channel.

6. Through sex:

It reflects the ability of forklift to overcome road obstacles and pass various roads and portals. The technical parameters representing the passing capacity of forklift trucks are: minimum clearance, height and width.

7. Operation light and comfort:

The arrangement of the operating parts and the driver's seat of the fork truck should meet the requirements of ergonomics. The manipulation of the handle and the pedal and the operating stroke should be in the range of physical energy, so that the driver will not be overtired, and a good field of vision and comfortable riding environment should be provided.