The Importance Of The Use Of Lubricating Oil For Forklift Trucks

- May 31, 2018-

Lubricants are essential in the maintenance of forklifts. Lubricating oil can ensure the normal operation of crane, prolong the life of machine parts effectively, improve the efficiency and safety of forklifts. In the course of Shanghai forklift renting, the maintenance personnel need to fully understand the importance of equipment lubrication. It is necessary to check the lubrication of each movement point regularly, and also need to add lubricating oil to each lubricating point regularly.

Today, more than 80% forklift parts are damaged by friction and wear. The friction and wear can be reduced completely in the daily maintenance of the forklift, and the purpose of reducing wear can be achieved by reasonable selection of material and materials such as pairs of pairs of friction pairs. And the purpose of the design is achieved through reasonable structural design. A reasonable lubricating oil lubrication can be used as an effective method to reduce friction. The function of lubricating oil is to separate the relative movement surface of a material with a material membrane, which has low shear resistance and little wear. Lubricating oil plays a major role in gear transmission, which is to reduce friction resistance and reduce wear, so as to extend the service life of mechanical parts as long as possible. At the same time, roller skating oil also has the functions of flushing, protection, cooling, sealing, rust prevention, shock absorption, additives and carriers.