The Basic Structure Of The Internal Combustion Engine Of A Forklift

- May 31, 2018-

1. starting system

The starting system of a fork lift truck is a device for starting the internal combustion engine, mainly consisting of starters and auxiliary devices. The fuel used in diesel engine is diesel, and its structure is basically the same as that of gasoline engine. The diesel supply system is mainly composed of air filter, diesel filter, oil delivery pump, fuel injection pump, governor, fuel injector and intake and exhaust manifold.

2. gas distribution mechanism

The valve train is the air exchange mechanism of the internal combustion engine, which is mainly composed of intake and exhaust valves, camshaft and transmission parts.

3. supply system

The supply system is a system to ensure the intake of fresh combustible gas and exhaust gas into the cylinder. It is mainly composed of air filter, fuel filter, carburetor, gasoline pump and intake and exhaust manifold.

4. lubricating system

The lubrication system is a system for supplying lubricating oil to the surfaces of internal combustion engine moving parts. It is mainly composed of oil pump, oil filter, pressure limiting valve and pipeline.

5. cooling system

The cooling system is a system for absorbing and emitting excess heat from the internal parts of the internal combustion engine. It is mainly composed of water pump, radiator, cooling fan and other parts.

6. ignition system

The ignition system ensures the spark generated at the prescribed time. A device for igniting compressed fuel mixture in cylinders. It is composed of ignition coil, distributor and spark plug.