- Jan 08, 2021-

"Introducing talents with production, promoting production with talents" Fu Xin, director of the Talent Office of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, investigates the situation of the flexible introduction of talents in SOCMA.

On January 8, 2021, Fu Xin, Director of the Talent Office of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Qiu Shangshu, Vice Minister of the Party and Mass Work Department of Quanzhou Taiwanese Business District, and his entourage went to SOCMA and other three Quanzhou Taiwanese enterprises to investigate their flexible talent introduction.

Flexible talent introduction refers to breaking through the restrictions of region, household registration, identity, files, and personnel relations in the process of talent introduction, without changing their household registration (no relocation of household registration) or nationality, and not changing the relationship between the talent and the original unit (no transfer of personnel relations). The introduction and use of talents that attract talents to local work or entrepreneurship.

visiting SOCMA1

General Manager Guo Junfeng said: "The talent platform of SOCMA mainly includes the Fujian Strategic Emerging Industry Base, National High-tech Enterprises, Quanzhou Expert Workstation, Quanzhou Industrial Forklift Engineering Technology Research Center, Fujian Provincial Society Service Station, Huaqiao University Graduate Workstation, etc. ".

The flexible introduction of talents in SOCMA mainly adopts the method of advancing with the talents and intellectuals of universities and scientific research units (Huaqiao University, Fujian Institute of Technology, Quanzhou Equipment Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fujian Special Inspection Institute, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology). In addition, the company also invited Fujian Minrong Law Firm, well-known consulting management companies from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen and other places to provide short-term services such as legal lectures and management consulting.

Director Fu Xin expressed encouragement and appreciation for the flexible talent introduction mechanism and innovative products of South China Heavy Industries.

furnace tending vehicle

SOCMA 50t forklift