Safe Use Of Forklift

- May 31, 2018-

Security is your cause and responsibility. The basic safety regulations and warnings of typical forklifts are usually introduced, but they also apply to special portal frames and vehicles.

1. The main use of forklift

(1) the main use of forklift

The main purpose of the fork lift truck is to transport goods placed on pallets and heap them to a certain height. In addition, the forklift truck can be used for carrying and stacking goods that are not placed on the pallet when the appropriate accessories are assembled.

(2) prohibition of use outside use

Outside use refers to driving after driving, lifting people very high or pulling other vehicles and so on. The method of use prohibited in this article is absolutely constant and is not allowed to be used.

Examples of use outside of use:

People stand on the fork and tray and rise.

People stand on the tray to hold up the goods.

Directly hang the wire rope on the fork to hang the goods.

Draw other vehicles.

Use the fork to push the goods or other vehicles.

Use the fork to open and close the doors of other trucks.

2. The use of the forklift and the working environment

(1) ground condition

The use of forklift truck is flat and strong road or surface, and ventilation conditions are good.

The performance of forklift depends on the condition of the ground, the speed should be adjusted properly, and special care should be taken when driving on the inclined road or rough road surface.


The vehicles running on the dirt roads ensure that they can stop in time.

Bypassing rocks and stump, slowing down inevitably. Be careful not to damage the chassis of the vehicle.

When running on ice and snow roads, the skid chain should be used to avoid rapid acceleration, rapid stop and sharp turn. Speed should be controlled by accelerating pedal force.


After installing anti-skid chains, the driving force of forklifts can be increased, but the sideslip performance should be reduced.

(2) climate conditions


In the case of strong wind, try to avoid the high lifting action of the gantry to avoid falling goods and causing accidental injury to the driver.

(3) measures to deal with cold and heat

A) oil

Use the oil to adapt to the temperature of the environment

B) battery

In the cold season

Under normal charging conditions, the freezing point of the electrolyte is about -35 C.

Keep the battery charged under good conditions. When the electrolyte is solidified, it will damage the battery housing. In order to prevent solidification, it should at least charge 75%. of the total capacity.

The most effective way is to maintain a specific gravity of 1.260, but not higher than this value.

In the hot season

Because electrolysis is easy to evaporate in hot season, please be filled with distilled water at any time, check once a week and replenish distilled water.

When the ambient temperature is higher, the specific gravity of the battery should be reduced to 1.220 + 0.01.

Because batteries are highly efficient at high temperatures, no other maintenance is required.