Parking And Storage Tips For Forklift Trucks

- May 31, 2018-

1. Safe parking

(a) park the car on the level floor, preferably in a spacious area. If you have to stop on the slope, you must pull up the parking brake device and block the wheels with wedge blocks to prevent accidental slipping. Forklift trucks are strictly prohibited from stopping on large slopes.

(b) vehicles parked in designated areas or areas which do not interfere with traffic and set up signs or signal lights around vehicles if necessary.

(c) vehicles parked on hard ground to avoid stopping on soft, muddy or slippery roads.

(d) if the lifting system is damaged, when the fork can not fall to the ground, hang a warning flag at the end of the fork and park the car at the place where the traffic is not obstructed.

2. Forklift storage

Before storage

Before forklift truck is stored, thoroughly clean and check according to the following procedures:

(a) remove the oil and grease attached to the car body with cloth and water as required.

(b) when cleaning the car body, check the overall situation of the vehicle, especially to check whether the body is sunken or damaged, whether the tire is pierced, or whether the pattern is embedded with iron nails or stones.

(c) fill the tank with the specified fuel oil.

(d) check to see if the oil is leaking.

(E) the grease is added as required.

(f) check whether the joint of the hub nut and the oil cylinder piston is loose, and whether there are bruises and pull marks on the surface of the piston rod.

(g) check whether the rolling wheel of the door is rotated or not.

(H) lift the lifting cylinder to the top to fill the oil tank.

(I) in the winter or cold season, the long-acting antifreeze does not need to be released, if the cooling water needs to be exhausted.

Daily storage

(a) park the forklift at the designated place and use the wedge to pad the wheel.

(b) put the shift handle in neutral position and pull the parking brake handle.

(c) the key switch is located in the "OFF" position to turn off the engine and operate the multi way valve lever several times to release the remaining pressure in the oil cylinder or pipeline. (d) take down the key and put it in the safe place.