How Do We Drive The Excavator Safely

- May 31, 2018-

We have to learn to observe the soil structure of the working environment. The stone layer structure and the soil layers are easy to have a clear understanding. For example, the yellow soil is not easy to collapse, because it contains a reasonable water soil viscosity, and the soil with a large amount of sand is easier to collapse because it is less cohesive and loose in water. If it has a stone that is irregular in it, you should be careful. The damage to the excavator is very small when it collapses. It will disperse the impact energy when it meets the obstacle. But if a stone rolls down from six or seven meters high and a slanted slope accelerates the impact energy, it can destroy your excavator. Another kind of soil is just sandwiched between the pine soil and the hard rock, like stone non stone. It is a fault at the intersection of the stone layer. The gap between the fault and the fault has long been water source, causing the slip board. This kind of soil is a time bomb. You don't know when it collapses, it is better to dig it out before it slips down. The stone layer mainly sees the gap and the structure, if the gap is very much explained that it is unstable, it is a block folded up. All the weight is supported by the stone under the bottom. Don't dig the rock below. It is better not to get close to it. The strong vibration of the excavator can cause the collapse.

It is boring and lonely when digging a machine. Some drivers like to listen to music when they work, but this is a bad habit, because listening to a concert reduces our response ability and makes wrong judgments, which can cause an operational error. We need to mobilize the whole body's "sense organ" to coordinate the work, including vision, hearing, smell and body sensation.

Vision is the most important, and the other three senses are assisting you. When you open a machine, the brain receives the information from the outside world to be more real, three-dimensional, and full, making the right judgment and operation. If you open the machine to listen to music, machine detonator, engine belt skidding, machine malfunction buzz alarm, excavator when the site is in danger of someone shouting outside to remind you, can you hear? So it's very important to say that hearing is very important.

If the excavator detonator leaks oil, oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, gear oil, each kind of oil smell is different, and the circuit is short of burning, a skilled driver can smell out in the driver's room with smell, thus making the correct judgment and operation to avoid the greater loss of the machine. When we work, the machine is shaking, the big arm is digging into the rock and the rock vibrates. These vibrations will pass through the steel to our hands, and we will pass the seat to the buttocks. We feel the body is shaking and shaking. This is the "body feeling". Our limbs receive the information to the brain and then make a repair platform. Let the excavator be steady, dig the stones and start the gentle movements. So we try not to listen to music when we dig, we need to concentrate, and need all "sensory organs" to work together. If it is only a visual excavator, it is not very different from playing computer games at home. It is very dangerous.

Let's say "space feeling", that is, we have to have a clear understanding of the environment and objects around the excavators at work. For example, there are houses, high voltage, transformers, and underground gas pipes on the site. These objects are not moving, and where, and what objects can be close to what objects are far away. Apart from the location of your excavator, you must be clear about it and avoid unnecessary dangers.  There are also some moving, mechanical, and constructors on the site. Now the excavators are very advanced, and the speed is very fast. When these machines are close to the excavator, you try to turn it slowly to avoid harm to others.

Some drivers will reflect the situation to Party A constructors when they are in danger. Some unscrupulous bosses and constructors will stimulate the driver with the law. They say you don't have the guts and the technology is not high. Then you should never mean, you should stick to your position. They push you to death and have no respect with life. A real old driver has his own bottom line. This bottom line can ensure your life safety. This must be remembered.

If there is a real danger, you should stop working immediately, dig out the machine, get the driver down from the cab, and draw a cigarette. It's very important for you to calm down and observe the situation that the excavator faces. If you have a good grasp, you can get out of the danger. If you don't have the bottom of your mind, don't try to be brave. Call people or machines to help them.