Grid Power Supply Crawler Excavator SOCMA HNE80C-EP Redefine

- Jun 09, 2020-

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Grid Power Supply Crawler Excavator 

As we take high safety as foundation and priority on engineering of Electric Construction Machine, SOCMA HNE80C-EP adopts the self-developed electronic control system, which provides all-round real-time fault diagnosis and protection for the electrical system and hydraulic system. It also integrates the functions of pre-charge protection, insulation fault monitoring and high-voltage interlock, etc.

Adopt high-voltage parts with high seismic performance (including motor controller, motor, DCDC, high-voltage air conditioner, etc.) and special shielded cables for new energy, with reliable protection grade, seismic performance and good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance; SOCMA elevate the safety level of electric construction machinery to a new record.

It has benefit features of low noise, zero emission, zero pollution.

The power supplying from the external grid that rest assure user from worry of continuous operation.

The energy consumption of the whole machine has been greatly reduced. Smart heat dissipation system is adopted to automatically adjust heat dissipation power according to real-time temperature to realize more accurate energy consumption control.

The maintenance cost of the whole machine has been greatly reduced. The high voltage electrical system is free of maintenance and does not need regular maintenance, thus saving maintenance cost;

u  SOCMA electric excavator produces full capacity from small, medium and micro,  range from 1.5T to 36T .