Electric Machinery Product Launch Conference

- Nov 25, 2020-

SOCMA Electric Engineering Machinery Series Product Launch Conference In Bauma China 2020

Vision accelerates energy, innovation makes great. The online press conference of SOCMA's electric engineering machinery series products was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center at 11 o'clock today.

Guests such as Chen Baoqiang, deputy director of the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and Dr. Zhang Hong from the expert workstation of SOCMA attended the ribbon-cutting. Heavyweight guests such as Secretary General Wu Peiguo of China Construction Machinery Industry Association came to the our booth to congratulate.

Chinaforklift.com interviewed this ribbon-cutting event, and the live broadcast group participated in this new product launch conference.

Chairman Guo Junyang gave a welcome speech, Director Chen Baoqiang and Dr. Zhang Hong made keynote speeches respectively, and General Manager Guo Junfeng gave a detailed explanation of the four electric construction machineries including 8t electric wheel excavator, 12t extended range electric wheel excavator, 25t extended range electric heavy duty forklift, 5t electric wheel loader.

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Chairman Guo Junyang gave a welcome speech:

Dear friends,

Thank you for coming to SOCMA booth in Shanghai Bauma 2020. After participating in the BICES in 2019, SOCMA participated in the 2020 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition with pure electric and extended-range electric products in 2020. This exciting industry feast played the strongest voice of “Made in China” in the “World of Great Contest”.

Since 2019, Fujian Province has taken the lead in formulating the "Electric Fujian" three-year action plan, which will promote the application of new energy construction machinery throughout Fujian.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology mentioned in its response to the proposal of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will jointly issue and implement the "Action Plan to Promote the Electricity of Public Vehicles" to accelerate the development of construction machinery and heavy truck electrification industries.

With the gradual advancement of the policy of the Action Plan to Promote the Electricity of Public Vehicles, the trend of environmental protection has become stricter, and the development of construction machinery to more environmentally friendly electrification is the general trend. Many domestic construction machinery companies will "eyes" lock construction machinery Electricity, it is expected that electric construction machinery will have a qualitative and quantitative leap in the next 5 years.

The electrification of construction machinery is attacking you and me at an unimaginable speed.

Since 2017, SOCMA has invested in the research and development and industrialization of pure electric drive construction machinery. It is one of the earliest companies dedicated to electrification in China. It has developed:

Electric engineering machinery series

Extended range engineering machinery series

Cable power supply and dual-mode power supply crawler excavator series

At the same time, intelligent unmanned and big data platforms for electric engineering machinery are under development.

The three first-generation test machines of SOCMA have been tested in actual working conditions for hundreds of hours to two thousand hours, and valuable data and experience have been collected.

SOCMA is engaged in powertrain control technology, composite energy storage technology, multi-mode power supply technology, mechatronics-hydraulic integration matching, energy recovery, high-voltage safety technology, reliability, fault diagnosis and key components (motor drive system, electric drive power coupling) And shifting technology, integrated management control system) and other aspects have achieved rich results, for the industrialization of electric engineering machinery to create a solid foundation.

Thank you all!