Congratulations For Being The Service Station

- Jan 07, 2021-

Congratulations to SOCMA for being awarded the 2020 Fujian Provincial Society Innovation Drive Service Station.

In accordance with the spirit of the "Fujian Association for Science and Technology Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Application for the Service Station of the Fujian Provincial Society in 2020" (Minkexuexue [2020] No. 5), the scientific and technological associations in all districts, cities, and provincial societies (associations, associations, Based on the application of the research society), after expert review, 15 society service stations were selected as the 2020 national society innovation-driven service stations, and 56 society service stations were the 2020 Fujian provincial society innovation-driven service stations.

This is another honor for our company and the first surprise we received in 2021!

List of innovation-driven service stations of Fujian Provincial Society in 2020

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