what is the future of electric construction machines?

- May 21, 2020-

CATL propose to accelerate the electrification of construction machinery and heavy trucks

With the rapid development of China's new energy industry and the pace of new infrastructure construction, the new energy industry plays a more important role in creating an intensive, efficient, economical, intelligent, green, safe and reliable modern infrastructure system. 

SOCMA has also gradually launched a series of electric products such as lithium battery electric forklifts, lithium battery excavators and lithium battery loaders.

battery forklift

As the chairman and chief operating officer of CATL and the CPPCC National Committee member, Zeng Yuqun submitted proposals to promote new energy and promote the development of the real economy.

The two CPPCC proposals submitted by Commissioner Zeng Yuqun this year were the "Proposal on Accelerating the Construction of a New Infrastructure for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Leading Global Energy Reform" and "Fully Promoting the Electrification of Vehicles in Public Service Fields such as Construction Machinery and Heavy Trucks to Win the Blue Sky Defense War Proposal to form a global industrial highland. "

Promote the construction of electrochemical energy storage

The vigorous development of new infrastructure has put forward higher requirements for the construction of new infrastructure for electrochemical energy storage.

Commissioner Zeng Yuqun said that "new infrastructure" is based on digitalization and intelligence, and energy storage is the energy basis for these changes.

Lithium battery-based electrochemical energy storage sites have small conditions and flexible site layouts. In recent years, they have made major breakthroughs in safety, energy conversion efficiency, and economy. They are perfect for 5G base station construction equipment. Renewable energy generation consumption and new energy vehicle charging are required to increase the transmission and distribution capacity of the line.

Vigorous development of electrochemical energy storage can improve the flexibility and adjustability of multiple energy systems, increase the degree of freedom in energy trading, and build a world-leading energy Internet with Chinese characteristics; it can improve energy efficiency and effectively reduce consumer electricity prices in the long run.

Over the past decade, lithium battery performance has tripled, costs have dropped by 90%, and commercial application conditions in energy storage are basically mature. However, there are still policy and standard problems in its large-scale promotion, such as the lack of a clear and stable price mechanism for energy storage to participate in power market transactions, the lack of unified rules for approval and management, and the inadequacy of energy storage industry standards.

Member Zeng Yuqun suggested that top-level design should be strengthened, energy storage should be included in the national energy development plan, and the legal status of energy storage should be clarified; a price mechanism should be established to allow grid-side energy storage to be included in the power grid planning and enter the cost accounting for transmission and distribution; improve standards and management systems Ensure the safe and sustainable development of the energy storage industry; build a large-scale GWh energy storage demonstration station, lead the global energy transformation, and shape a new business card made in China.

Speed up the electrification of construction machinery like electric wheel loader, electric excavator, etc., and heavy trucks

The Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposed to win the blue sky defense war and coordinate the advancement of the transportation structure adjustment, and the electrification of construction machinery and heavy trucks is an important measure to win the blue sky defense war.

By the end of 2019, China had nearly 15 million construction machinery and heavy trucks. These two types of vehicles have high fuel consumption and heavy pollution. The annual oil consumption is equivalent to 200 million cars.

At the same time, for the new infrastructure, construction machinery and heavy trucks are indispensable means of production. The rapid promotion of electrification of construction machinery and heavy trucks is of great significance to winning the blue sky defense battle, ensuring national energy security, effectively hedge the downward pressure on the economy, and create a world-class equipment industry highland.

Zeng Yuqun believes that in terms of technology, China already has an engine and some hydraulic transmission systems that can completely replace the construction machinery field. In the business model, vehicle-electricity separation and battery rental models can solve users' concerns about purchase costs and mileage. Taking a 5-ton loader as an example, after electrification, it can save energy costs by 200,000 yuan per year.

Overall, although domestic enterprises have advantages in the construction machinery and heavy truck electrification industry chain, they have insufficient initial development confidence. Committee member Zeng Yuqun suggested that one should carry out demonstration projects to accelerate the promotion and application, and the other is to establish relevant standards and regulations to guide technological development. To consolidate the leading position of China's core components, the fourth is to formulate policies to encourage business model innovation, so as to guide the rapid development of the industry and seize the commanding heights of international competition.

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