what is the feagures and functioins of forklift

- May 05, 2020-

Features of Forklift/diesel forklift/gasoline forklift/LPG forklift/heavy duty forklift/electric forklift:

★ High degree of mechanization

★ Good mobility and flexibility.

★ Can be "one machine with multiple uses"

★ The utilization rate of the warehouse volume can be improved, and the stacking height can generally reach 4-5 meters.

★ It is beneficial to carry out pallet group transportation and container transportation

★ Compared with large-scale hoisting machinery, it has lower cost and less investment, and can obtain better economic results.

The functions of forklift/environmental friendly forklift/fork lifting machines:

★ Forklift operation can increase the stacking height of goods and make full use of the space position of vessel, carriage and warehouse.

★ Forklift operation can shorten the operation time of loading, unloading, handling and stacking, and accelerate the turnover of vehicles and ships.

★ Forklift operation can reduce cargo damage, improve the safety of operation, and realize civilized loading and unloading.

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