What is lifting magnet system for steel plate for forklift?

- Jun 06, 2020-

What is forklift lifting magnet system used to lift steel plate?

1, Model selection description

For steel plate, generally MW13 series lifting magnet is the optimum option, it adopts large magnetic pole, large attraction force circuit structure which is the best suitable for large steel plate, furthermore, its structure is compact, with light self-weight and strong attraction force.

2, Magnet used in forklift lifting system, description

2.1 Selection principle

2.1.1 Capacity of forklift:45T

2.1.2 Specifications of steel plate:

Min. 4.800 x 1.100 x 200 mm*1 piece

Max. 12.650 x 2.300 x 300 mm*1 piece

Max. weight per lift is 38t.

Temperature of material is under 100℃.

2.2 Outline drawing

forklift attachment

3 Electrical control system description

3.1 Selection principle

50℃ Max. ambient temp.: 50℃.

Max. total power of magnets: 12.4kW.

Switch on/off: group control.

Battery backup time: 15 minutes.

4 Technical features of magnet

Magnetic field computer simulation analysis

Use ANSYS professional magnetic field simulation software to perform magnetic field simulation and analysis, calculate electromagnetic force; perform performance testing on the product, repeatedly compare the experimental data with the simulation data, and optimize the design to ensure the perfect and stable magnetic circuit of the electromagnet, so as to achieve best effect.

Production process and special equipment

With nearly 30 years of experience in manufacturing electromagnetic products, gathers high-tech talents in the electromagnetic industry, and masters the key manufacturing processes of electromagnets; we have high-tech equipment such as machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC flame cutting equipment, oil-water quenching tanks, heat treatment equipment, paint baking rooms and tensile test platforms to meet various high-tech and high-demand electromagnet production conditions.

Electromagnet suction guarantee

Use ANSYS magnetic field simulation software for magnetic circuit optimization design; Pro / E, Solidworks, AutoCAD and other software for structural design, interference analysis, strength simulation; fully consider the influence of high temperature conditions and air gap to maximize electromagnetic force and ensure higher Safety factor.

7 Carefully selected materials, rigorous testing

The electromagnet is made of high-quality steel plates from well-known domestic steel mills such as Baosteel, Shougang, and Baowu steel; the electromagnetic wire is made of high-quality double glass wire wrapped aluminum wire with anti-corona, good overload performance, and humidity resistance. The shell and the coil are fixed with vacuum epoxy resin glue, which can withstand high temperature and high humidity and resist violent collision.

Welding process: use high-quality welding wire for welding, and do air tightness test;

Insulation test between coil turns: power frequency voltage 550V for one minute without short circuit and flashover;

Coil withstand voltage test: power frequency voltage 2500V for one minute without short circuit and flashover.

8 Technical features of control cabinet

The three-phase fully controlled bridge rectifier circuit provides a forward voltage to the DC electromagnet for excitation, Single-phase full-control bridge rectifier circuit provides reverse demagnetization voltage for fast discharge. Two sets of anti-parallel circuits constitute a rectifier control circuit without circulating current, power semiconductor non-contact control is implemented for the excitation and demagnetization of the DC electromagnet.

The control loop uses PLC to facilitate adjustment of time and function expansion. It can be interlocked with crane operation according to site requirements to prevent mis-operation.

With AC power failure, under voltage protection; DC output under voltage protection, in any case can ensure that the backup power supply is fast input (time does not exceed 100ms), to ensure that the object will not accidentally fall, and there is a corresponding sound and light display alarm.

The battery is a valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery. It adopts the battery management system. The protection and control functions are perfect. The charging mode is automatic charging with constant voltage and current limiting. The overcharge is automatically limited, and the over-discharge alarm, no manual duty is required.

Equipped with gauge operation box, remote real-time display of DC voltage, DC current, charging voltage, charging current, as well as the alarm after battery backup unit is put into use and the battery is discharged to below the predetermined termination voltage. Remotely control the excitation and demagnetization of the DC electromagnet; when the AC power supply battery backup unit is switched on, the crane lifting mechanism is controlled to descend.

Magnetic force adjustment of electromagnet: The potentiometer on the operation box of the gauge can be used to adjust the forward excitation voltage of the electromagnet steplessly to meet the loading and unloading requirements of different materials to the maximum extent.

Set the split-plate release button. When there is too much material to be lifted at one time, click the "split-plate release" button to release part of the material quickly.

There are few connections between the cabinets of the control system, and there are outlet holes at the bottom of the cabinet to facilitate the connection between the cabinets; the cabinet has a small outer shape and is convenient for installation in a narrow space.

Use rectifier transformer to isolate and reduce voltage, reduce interference, improve the reliability and stability of equipment operation; reduce working voltage, reduce the pressure of components such as rectification, and extend the service life of component. Transformers using D/Y or Y/D wiring can reduce the pollution of the power grid by the higher harmonics generated by the semiconductor operation of the equipment.

Standardized design, all components can be dismantled from the front of the cabinet, no need to cooperate with two people, reduce personnel waste; the number of internal components is small, and the electrical components are selected from domestic famous brands or Siemens and Schneider products, safe, reliable and long lasting.

forklift with magnet attachment