What is a wheeled excavator?

- Jan 11, 2019-

Wheel Excavator 8 Ton.jpgWheeled excavators are wheel-driven, with buckets excavating materials above or below the surface of the carrier and loaded into the earth moving machinery of the transport vehicle or unloading to the stockyard. Commonly used with small and medium-sized projects. The wheeled excavator is a digging machine that uses tires as a running part, referred to as wheel excavation. The wheel excavation has a fast walking speed, does not damage the road surface, can be rotated at a long distance, and can quickly replace a variety of operating devices.

The main structure of the wheeled excavator consists of a working device, a cab, a slewing mechanism, a power unit, a transmission control mechanism, a chassis and auxiliary equipment. The cab, power unit and auxiliary equipment are all mounted on a fully rotatable platform, which is commonly referred to as the upper turntable. The wheel excavator tire chassis consists of a frame, a support, a gearbox, a hydraulic motor, front and rear axles, tires, etc., and is assembled with the rotary body. The working device is mainly composed of a boom, an arm, a bucket, a connecting rod and the like. The bucket has a form such as a shovel, a backhoe, a shovel, and a shovel according to its working mode.