What are classification of container forklift fittings?

- Aug 27, 2018-

1. Side fork

It is used to move the goods with pallets to right and left, so as to facilitate the accurate shipping container forklift and stacking of the goods. The working efficiency of forklift truck is improved, the service life of forklift truck is extended, and the labor intensity of operators is reduced. It saves warehouse space and improves the utilization rate of warehouse.


2. Distance fork

Adjust the distance between the cargo forks by hydraulic pressure to carry the goods of different sizes. Manual adjustment of fork distance is not required. Reduced the labor intensity of operator.


3. Forward fork

To load and unload a pallet or cargo, as from the side of a carriage of a carriage, quickly and easily. It is usually used with a tuning fork and is more efficient.


4. Paper roll clamp

It is used for carrying cylindrical goods such as paper roll, plastic film roll, cement pipe and steel pipe.


5. Push and pull device

It is widely used in food and light industry electronic industry for palletization-free transportation and stacking of unit goods. The skateboard can use paper skateboard, plastic skateboard and fibre skateboard, saving the expense of buying, storing and repairing trays.


6. Multi-purpose flat clip

The trayless handling of boxes, wooden boxes, metal boxes (household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.) has been realized, saving the purchase and maintenance costs of the trays and reducing the costs.

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