Steering System in a Forklift

- Jun 02, 2020-

What is the steering system of a forklift?

The function of the steering system of the forklift is to change the driving direction of the forklift or keep the forklift moving straight

Structure: steering device, full hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder, steering axle, wheels and some couplings.

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forklift steering wheel

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forklift steering axle

Full hydraulic steering gear for forklift

According to the rotation angle of the steering wheel, the pressure oil from the diverter valve is measured and transferred to the steering cylinder through the hydraulic hose. When the engine is turned off, the oil pump does not supply oil, and the steering can be achieved by human power. The forklift adopts a cycloidal full hydraulic steering gear, which can greatly reduce the power steering input torque and increase the final steering torque, making the steering system more flexible, labor-saving, safe and reliable.

Horizontal steering cylinder for counter balanced forklift

The horizontal steering cylinder is used as an actuator to convert the hydraulic oil pressure diverted from the steering gear into mechanical energy and push the connecting rod to achieve left and right steering.

Steering axle in a fork lifter

As the rear support mechanism of the forklift, the steering axle provides a steering angle for the vehicle to drive while it can withstand various forces and moments on the rear wheel of the forklift while driving, and absorbs vibration and shock to ensure the normal driving of the forklift. The front forklift is opposite, located behind the vehicle. The steering bridge is a welded structural form of the cross section of the box body, and the central hinge shaft is connected to the frame through the bearing seat, so the wheels can swing up and down with the height of the road surface

Forklift wheels

The wheels consist of rims and tires, which are used to ease and absorb vibrations and shocks caused by uneven road surfaces. The rim is used to install and support the tire and is connected to the steering axle hub. Forklift tires generally use pneumatic tires, which are composed of outer tires, inner tires, etc., and are installed on corresponding rims to form wheels.

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