Q & A For Battery Construction Machinery

- May 14, 2020-

Q & A For Battery Construction Machinery

1. Q: What to do after the battery in the electric construction machines is scrapped?

    A: Currently in developed western countries and China has professional battery recycling agencies. Therefore, there is no battery handle cost, and it can even be sold at a certain price.

2. Q: What is the three electrical systems mentioned on the electric construction machinery system?

    A: Battery, electric control, motor

3. Q: How many motors on the machine and what type?

    A: Generally 2 main motors (drive motor, hydraulic motor), 2 auxiliary motors (used to provide power for air conditioners, brakes, etc.)

    For wheeled walking electric construction machinery such as loaders and forklifts, there are generally two or more main drive motors, and the general walking system and hydraulic system are driven independently. Those with gravity potential energy recovery function need to increase the motor for electrical energy recovery, which is generally efficient Permanent magnet synchronous motors. Crawler type electric construction machinery such as crawler excavators are generally a main drive motor. In addition to the main drive motor, there are also auxiliary drive low-power motors for pilot system oil supply, gearbox oil supply and steering system oil supply, generally permanent magnet synchronous motors or three-phase asynchronous motors.

4. Q: Does your company provide a battery rental solution?

    A: At present, we can provide battery leasing solutions to large customers in China. Specific business conditions can be negotiated.

5. Q: How many hours can the machine be used on a single charge, and how long does it take to charge at a time?

    A: It varies according to the power of the machine and the capacity of the battery. The current design of SOCMA is basically 1-2 hours can be filled, once full can be used for 8-10 hours.

    For the working time, it needs to be designed according to the working conditions. The original design is aimed at the typical working conditions of the original model, and it can work for 8 to 10 hours at a full charge. The charging time is generally determined according to the charging pile and battery capacity, charging time = battery rated capacity / charging pile rated power

6. Q: Does your company provide services or products for internal combustion engines to change cables / batteries?

    A: Yes, SOCMA can provide electricity reform service.

7. Q: How long is the battery service life?

    A: The service life of the battery is generally measured by the number of full charge and discharge, which is generally 4,000times, and it can be estimated to be about 8 years.

8. Q: Is the maintenance of electric construction machinery troublesome?

   A: The three electric systems are maintenance-free, and the hydraulic and walking systems are similar to ordinary internal combustion engineering machinery and even simpler. Just replace the cooling fluid of the heat dissipation system and clean the condenser regularly, and regularly check the cable for damage.

9. Q: Which scenes can be replaced by electric machines first?

    A: There are areas or places that are mandated by the policy, such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Economic Circle, or environmental sanitation places.

    B: There are scenes with security requirements. Such as in tunnels, places with high explosion-proof levels.

    C: Scenarios with high emission level requirements: such as grain terminals, food factories, etc .;

    D: The scene where the customer has a large number of existing machines, and the customer pays more attention to the long-term economic efficiency than the short-term economic efficiency, and the environmental protection effect is higher than the economic effect.

1.6t lithium battery wheel loader

Introduction of application scenarios:

Shihushan Wharf is the main bulk cargo distribution and stacking wharf in Xiamen Island. The bulk cargoes currently in operation are mineral powder slag (including coal mines and iron ore powder, iron ore nuggets).

Working condition: The existing loader at the wharf mainly carries out the loading of mineral powder slag, the cleaning in the field, and the short-distance transportation.

Unloading height: more than 3.2 meters; the vehicles used to  transport outside the site are mainly dump trucks and trains.

Model: 5 tons long wheelbase or short wheelbase high unloading; 7 tons; 10 tons;

The existing machines: a total of 40 units 5 ton loaders (Liugong, XGMA); 4 units 7 ton loaders (Volvo); 6 units 10 ton loader.

Operating time: The average operating time of vehicles in the field is currently 5-7 hours / day. The operating time of new machines is 12-13 hours / day. The operating frequency of vehicles is not fixed. When the ship is docked and unloaded, the vehicle may work continuously for more than 10 hours, loading work evaluation rate is relatively low.

Fuel consumption (take 5 ton wheel loader as an example): 12 liters (Liugong model); 15 liters (XGMA model).

wheel loader.png

wheel loader

electric machines working places.png

electric wheel loader working place

Trial model promotion:

SOCMA 5 tons long wheelbase pure electric wheel loader

Operating weight: 5 tons

Lifting height: 3.2 meters

Battery capacity: 282KW / H

Continuous working time: 8-10 hours;

Charging time: 1-2 hours