Post-epidemic era of China's industrial vehicle industry

- Apr 24, 2020-

At the end of 2019, the sudden plague caused shock to this industry! This is true not only in the countries we are in, but also in the world. After months of arduous struggle, the industry has entered a post-epidemic era. However, if the serious illness recovers a little, you can't take it lightly.

Looking back

The older generation of Chinese industrial vehicles have made an indelible contribution to the industry. Since 2009, China has become the world's largest forklift/lifting equipments production and sales country. The following year, China's GDP surpassed that of Japan, and its total manufacturing output exceeded that of the United States. In 2018, the total output value of China's manufacturing industry is the sum of the United States, Japan and Germany. In 2019, China's total retail sales of consumer goods are close to the United States. There is no doubt that in the decades since the reform and opening up, big manufacturing has brought big logistics, and big output has brought big consumption. All economies related to manufacturing and consumption are inseparable from large handling, and large handling is inseparable from industrial vehicles and forklifts. All these bring about the unshakable "big status" of the world. According to the latest CITA report, China's industrial vehicles reached a new high in 2019, with total sales exceeding the 600,000 mark. Compared with the international growth in 2018 (0.25%), China (including exports) still achieved a good growth rate of 1.87%.

Look at the moment

This plague is far more than any natural disaster or man-made disaster that has brought mankind since the Industrial Revolution. It is almost certain that the world will enter a long period of adjustment and recovery from then on. Based on this, we must understand the following:

1. The era of high growth of pure industrial vehicles (forklifts) seems to be "over". The relocation and transfer of European and American manufacturing industries is unstoppable. In the era of globalization, there is a tendency to stop painting.

2. The Sino-US trade and technological war will intensify in the post-epidemic era. Examine your current strength: in robot handling technology (unmanned forklift, AGV, AMR, UGV, etc.), Internet of Things technology (fleet management), sensor and key component technology, new energy technology, lightweight handling, system integration, and Technical reserves in the market segment and other fields and the company's own strategic adjustment.

3. China is a huge country that manufactures and consumes industrial vehicles. There are more than 150 manufacturers, tens of thousands of forklift service providers and hundreds of thousands of practitioners in the country. Will this situation persist?

4. "Winter", how long can you survive?

Looking to the future

China's population size, geographical diversification, and consumption potential determine that this industry will never decline and is promising.

1. From a historical perspective, any crisis in China will eventually be resolved by rural and rural customs. In the post-epidemic era, the country will invest tens of trillions of yuan in a few years. Therefore, the "localization" of China's economic growth is obvious.

2. A considerable part of manned industrial vehicles (forklifts) will be replaced by massive robots (AGV, AMR, UGV, etc.), drones and intelligent handling equipment.

3. The demand for lightweight handling equipment due to the aging population will explode in China.

4. In China's vast western region (rural areas), materials handling and intelligent handling equipment for agriculture, forestry, and fisheries have not yet been popularized and have great potential.

5. Enter the market segment. Including: telescopic forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts, special handling equipment and attachments.

6. Actively expand and create EHS (safety, health and environmental protection for industrial vehicles) themes and needs.

7. The industry "oligarchs" will definitely appear (manufacturers (including parts) and service providers). Shuffle, time issue.

To sum up

Almost everyone will learn a profound lesson in this incident. In the present moment, it is more important to let the enterprise survive! Sum up experience and actively embrace the future. It is worth mentioning that companies that used to rely on exports in the past need to be especially vigilant. Any enterprise (person) has a good time. Even so, it still needs to store enough food.