New energy electric forklift

- Nov 13, 2020-

Electric forklift is one of the kinds of forklifts, and it is also a kind of common forklift except internal combustion forklift.

As an electric forklift using clean energy, its only advantage is the power source, the process of converting electric energy into kinetic energy.


Due to different power sources, the working efficiency of electric forklifts is different. Generally speaking, the working efficiency of electric forklifts is slightly lower than that of internal combustion forklifts.

In addition to working efficiency, there are many other factors affecting the future application of electric forklifts, such as environmental protection, safety, easy operation, light design, and width of delivery.


Therefore, overall consideration, what is the application prospect of electric forklifts as a new energy utilization besides internal combustion forklifts?

The electric forklift is an alternative to the internal combustion forklift due to its light and small appearance design, high safety factor and low operating difficulty.


Most forklifts are put in warehouses, workshops and wharfs, etc., among which small operations cannot use large forklifts in large quantities due to limited space, so it is not very suitable to use large forklifts.The electric forklift, as a light and small equipment, will be more suitable to be put in a small area.

Therefore, electric forklifts have become the main force of forklifts in the development of the industry.


As poineer for  electric construction machinery,SOCMA also has the ambition to be the lead of the industry.We establish a strategic coopeartion relationship with CATL who is the NO.1 manufacturer for commercial application bettery in 2019.Meanwhile our strategic focus will gradually shift from heavy forklift to electric construction machinery.