Improvement of brake system of forklift truck

- May 31, 2018-

1. reasons for improvement

The traditional 12t forklift brake system is mainly composed of air compressor 1, oil and water separator 2, gas tank 3, pressure switch 4, gas brake valve 5, brake lamp switch 6, air force pump 7, left clamp disc brake 8, right clamp disc brake 9 and storage tank 10, as shown in Figure 1.

The power of the air compressor 1 is taken from the engine. When the engine is running, it drives the air compressor 1 to rotate, so that the air compressor 1 outputs compressed air. The compressed air passes through the oil and water separator combination valve 2 and enters the gas storage tank 3. When the pressure of the compressed air is greater than 0.75MPa, the oil and water separator combination valve 2 automatically deflate, so that the pressure of the storage tank 3 is kept within 0.75MPa. The pressure switch 4 is used to detect the air pressure in the gas tank 3. When the pressure reaches 0.75MPa, the pressure switch 4 sends out the electrical signal, the low pressure alarm buzzer stops the sound, prompting the driver to drive.

When the driver steps down the gas brake valve 5, the compressed air enters the air adding pump 7 cylinder from the outlet of the gas brake valve 5, and drives the cylinder piston to move to the right to drive the brake fluid output in the hydraulic cylinder. The brake fluid supplies the left caliper disc brake 8 and the right caliper disc brake 9 through the pipeline to produce braking effect. The area of the 7 cylinder piston of the air afterburner pump is much larger than the piston area of the hydraulic cylinder. The supercharging effect can increase the pressure of the brake fluid to 13MPa. The liquid storage tank 10 is used to replenish the brake fluid for the hydraulic cylinder of the air booster pump 7.

The system mainly has the following 2 defects: one is that there are only 1 air adding pumps in the brake system. If the pump is suddenly damaged in operation, it will cause the whole vehicle to have no brake and has a certain risk. The two is that the capacity of the single air force pump brake fluid is less. When the forklift is working for a long time, the brake fluid is heated up quickly, even the brake fluid will boil, and it spilt from the liquid storage tank 10. When the brake fluid decreases, the braking performance will decrease, which will affect the safety of the forklift truck.

2. improvement measures

The improvement measure is to increase 1 air afterburner pumps and 1 oil storage tanks in the braking system.