How to choose 28 ton container forklift?

- Aug 21, 2018-

In the comprehensive evaluation, due to the lack of knowledge and technology of forklift truck, many enterprises cannot make reasonable judgment on product quality.generally speaking, the superior performance of a high-quality container forklift jobs is often reflected in high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, ergonomic design and convenient service.

Efficiency doesn't just mean high speed, it also means that the operator has a short time to complete a work cycle and is able to maintain that efficiency throughout the work cycle.many factors contribute to efficiency:


①The level of speed, such as driving speed, lifting and descending speed;

②The application of the ergonomic engineering design in the university will reduce the number of operations.

③Precision of the dot operation;

④The application of human-machine engineering design can minimize fatigue.

⑤Good vision;

⑥The total annual cost of forklift purchase and use includes:

⑦Procurement cost;

⑧Cost of maintenance;

⑨Cost of energy consumption;

⑩Labor costs.


Procurement costs will be spread out over the life of the forklift.therefore, the high price forklift will reduce the purchase cost because of its longer life.

Actual maintenance costs are related not only to the cost of the repair parts, but also to the failure rate or failure time.therefore, a high-quality forklift has lower maintenance costs due to its low failure rate.

Energy costs will vary with forklifts in different power systems, such as electricity, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline.

Labor costs vary with the number of drivers and their monthly total wages, and the number of drivers will be reduced by the introduction of efficient forklifts.

28 Ton Container Forklift