How to avoid a collision between a forklift and a shelf

- May 31, 2018-

1. In the early stage of the warehouse planning, the shelf designers can appropriately increase the width of the shelf channel according to the actual situation of the owner of the warehouse and reserve some safe distance for the driver in advance, which can effectively reduce the collision between the forklift and the leg.

2, increase the protective cover, such as installing fork teeth on forklift truck or adding protective sleeves on corbel and guardrail. However, although this method can reduce the damage to the forklift, it is difficult to judge the driver's level of operation by providing a chance to a few skilled drivers.

3, in the channel ground drawing visual deceleration line instead of the deceleration mark, many times, the experienced driver, driving speed is faster, there is a certain distance between the visual gap and the actual gap in the vision, so the simple deceleration sign may not be very obvious.

4, choose the experienced forklift driver and train regularly. On the one hand, before the forklift driver enters the job, the pre job training will be enhanced and the driver's safety awareness is enhanced. On the other hand, the driver should be strengthened after the driver's entry.

In a word, in order to reduce the collision between the forklift and the shelf, we should not only choose the perfect shelf planning scheme given by the professional shelf manufacturers, but also want the staff to take care and care, and constantly improve their professional skills.