Electric forklifts well received by the market

- Jan 17, 2021-

The demand for forklifts is increasing year by year, and electric forklifts are well received by the market

With the development of Chinese industry and logistics, there is an increasing demand for handling. Among them, forklifts are commonly used handling vehicles. It can carry out loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation operations on palletized goods. It is widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, etc.

In my country, forklifts have been manufactured since the early 1950s. In recent years, the demand for forklifts has been growing rapidly every year. It is usually divided into three categories: internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts and storage forklifts.

The data shows that as of June 30, 2017, the total sales of motor industrial vehicles in the first half of the year were 242,907 units, an increase of 34.22% compared to 180,971 units in the same period last year. At the same time, domestic forklift companies are enthusiastic about investing in the field of electric forklifts. Since 2014, electric forklifts have seen a significant growth trend and their market share has increased significantly. Internal combustion forklifts are powered by internal combustion engines, which are powerful and have a wide range of applications. The disadvantages are large emissions and noise pollution, and greater harm to human health. Electric forklifts with low emissions and low noise are well received by the market.

Serialization is an important trend in the development of electric forklifts. With the acceleration of the internationalization process, China's electric forklifts have gradually entered the international market. The new electric forklift will pay more attention to ergonomics and improve handling comfort.

Domestic forklift industry picks up, demand continues to grow

With the recovery of the macro economy, infrastructure construction drives demand for forklifts. At present, the domestic macro-economy is growing steadily. The proactive fiscal policy implemented by the state has maintained a relatively high growth rate in infrastructure construction, which has driven the rapid growth of the forklift industry.

Driven by downstream industries, the manufacturing industry is booming. The downstream of forklifts covers a wide range, including manufacturing, transportation, postal, warehousing, wholesale and retail, etc. In recent years, the domestic manufacturing industry has continued to expand, providing a basis for the increase in forklift sales. The development of the forklift industry is highly correlated with the manufacturing industry, and the correlation coefficient between the two is as high as 0.8. In September this year, the manufacturing PMI index was 52.4, an increase of 0.7% from the previous month. It has been above the Kurong line for 14 consecutive months, indicating that the manufacturing industry is in a period of accelerated expansion. The continuous expansion of the downstream manufacturing industry will directly drive a substantial increase in forklift sales.

Industry development trends Products, market development trends

Chinese electric forklift sales will increase, but the increase will not be too great. Foreign battery forklifts have accounted for about 40% of the entire forklift market. In 1999, sales of electric forklifts in Japan accounted for 39.7% of the total sales, while gasoline forklifts fell to 30.9%, and diesel forklifts fell to 29.4%. Compared with 1989 ten years ago, Japan's electric forklifts have risen sharply by 11.8%, gasoline forklifts have dropped by 5.2%, and diesel forklifts have dropped by 6.6%. This shows that electric forklifts are the direction of development.

Product technology

Environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent, especially for export products. The United States will enforce the emission standards equivalent to Euro II standards in 2004, and the gasoline engine forklifts used are generally dual-use liquefied gas and gasoline; energy saving The application of technology and mechatronics technology has reached the time when it must be faced directly; the content of product certification has increased and the requirements have been increased; ergonomic design is adopted to improve operating comfort, reduce noise and vibration, and pay more attention to appearance design. , Local companies should first overcome this weakness. The above seemingly insignificant issues will become the main content that determines the viability of the market.

Changes in market areas and fields

The focus of the market will move north, and the amount of new areas will expand. Companies in the "Pearl River Delta" region have a strong awareness of using forklifts, especially some Hong Kong-funded and Taiwan-funded companies. In addition to the rapid economic growth in the region in the early years and the strong comprehensive economic strength, the sales of forklifts in this region have always been located in the country Forefront. However, the "Yangtze River Delta" area has become a hot spot for a new round of Chinese and foreign investment, and the economy is growing rapidly. Therefore, the focus of the forklift market will further move north in the future; in terms of market areas, in addition to the traditional paper and automobile industries, logistics and retail will be A new growth point in the forklift market.

Domestic forklift industry pattern and competition key development trends

(1) The amount of foreign investment in my country's forklift industry will further increase. Unlike the loader industry, independent and joint ventures in the forklift industry can gain a foothold in the Chinese market. The main reason is that the use of forklifts is extremely wide and the user levels are diverse. Moreover, many use occasions have high requirements for emissions and noise, so imported and independent joint venture products can be marketed in a certain area and scope. In addition, the price of forklift products is relatively low, and the price difference between high and low grade products is not too big. High-end users are easy to accept the price and price difference.

(2) Domestic forklifts will still not be able to occupy the mainstream market. The main reason is to snatch low-end customers. In fact, the imported mid-gear forklifts produced by the company are on par with foreign-funded products in terms of performance, but the shape and appearance quality are still slight. The gap is mainly manifested in the process level of painting and rubber and plastic parts. In addition, the foreign enthusiasm of brands and domestic users is also the main reason why domestic forklifts cannot occupy the mainstream market.

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