Dual motor mode

- Nov 11, 2020-

1. SOCMA adopts dual motor mode, which can reasonably distribute the output power.

2. In terms of torque, the output torque of traction motor and working motor is far greater than that of internal combustion power within the normal working speed after simple superposition.

3. In terms of output power, the total output power of the electric motor is twice that of the internal combustion power at low speed.It is equivalent to the peak power of internal combustion at high speed, but the output power is stable and easy to operate.

4. The driving motor we use has the capability of high torque output at low speed, so the starting acceleration performance is excellent.

5. In order to obtain a larger rise force in the static state, the internal combustion loader often has to step on the accelerator to improve the pump speed, thus causing energy waste.This problem is well solved in electric construction machinery.