What is the differences of lead acid and li-ion batteries

- Oct 03, 2020-

What is the differences of Lead Acid battery and Lithium battery?

The Lead Acid battery is generally removed after a shift and then fully charged prior to being refitted onto the forklift, it can be charged directly in a safe location. The Li-ion battery can be continuously recharged during operational downtime or satutory breaks.

Features of Lead acid battery

• Last for 1,200 to 1,400 cycles

• Battery efficiency 70%

• Generally removed to be fully charged

• Requires a ventilated charging space

• Requires some regular maintenance

• Additional batteries required for multi-shift operation

Features of Lithium battery

• Last for  4,000 cycles

• Battery efficiency 95%

• Is charged in-situ

• Does not require a ventilated charging space

• Requires minimal maintenance

• Can be opportunity charged for multi-shift operation.

What do you need to consider when choosing Lead-acid battery or Lithium battery?