development characteristics of wheel excavator

- May 31, 2018-

With the new urbanization strategy redefining the process of urban construction in China, the demand for China's construction machinery market is also changing quietly. The wheel excavators suitable for farmland, community construction and urban pipeline laying and material handling have attracted more and more attention of the related industry, and become a large number of engineering machinery collar. One of the products of the strategic development of the military enterprises.

Wheeled excavator

The wheel excavator is a building type excavator that walks with the tire. It can walk fast, can turn the field at a long distance, and can quickly replace a variety of operating devices. It has the advantages of mobile, flexible and efficient, and wins the love of the customers. At present, most of the foreign wheel digging speed is 25-40km/h, mostly 20-35km/h, and some even can reach 54km/h. It can be said that although the wheel excavator does not occupy the mainstream position in China, the technical level is not backward, some performance can even catch up with the foreign, and the following is the wheeled excavator made up for everybody.  Characteristic。

First, the difference between China's wheel digging and foreign wheel digging is relative to that of foreign brands, and the price of domestic brands is relatively low. From the technical parameters and basic performance of the machine, the level of domestic and foreign enterprises is basically close. From the walking speed of the wheeled machines produced by some domestic enterprises, some have exceeded the foreign products. In the selection of the main components of the engine, hydraulic system and other major components, the domestic high-end products can also be basically synchronized with the international.

But there are three differences: 

(1) domestic product users' brand awareness is weak. The degree of user recognition of the brand determines the price of its products to a certain extent.

(2) the gap in product quality. Although the domestic wheel excavator products have made great progress in design and manufacture, there are still obvious gaps in high reliability, safety and comfort, appearance sculpt, especially electronic energy saving and microcomputer control technology, compared with foreign products, because of the lag of design methods and the serious shortage of development and manufacturing input.

(3) the product line is not perfect. Many domestic brand products are less model, and can not meet the different needs of customers, while foreign brands have developed on the wheel after years of development, its product line has become perfect. Two. Market share of wheel excavator is the largest and most widely used product in overseas construction machinery market.

After several rounds of integration, the degree of concentration has been improved, dominated by the four plates of Europe, America and Japan. Europe is the largest market for wheel excavators, and its market capacity is 6 times that of the Chinese market. South Korea's wheel excavator accounts for 30-35% of the excavator market. The average market share in other developed countries is more than 10%, and the proportion of Japanese wheel excavators is about 5%.