Common fault and inspection of forklift door frame

- May 31, 2018-

1. The heavy oil leakage of the lifting oil return pipe and automatically descend.

It is mainly damaged by the oil seal between the lifting cylinder and the piston rod. The main solution is to replace the corresponding oil seal, but in the process of implementation, it is important to note that the staff often do not work on the basis of methods and techniques. It is necessary to make the corresponding fixed ring of hard iron leather, put the oil seal into the cylinder and clamp it into the cylinder in order to prevent it from wasting. It can be used many times and save the resources.

2, left and right lifting piston rod rising and not synchronizing

The problem lies in the expansion of Nepal guide bushing between the two. The solution is to integrate the nylon guide sleeve effectively in the process of implementation, cut off the Nashi guide sleeve by three mm according to the steel saw, make it have a certain opening gap, ensure its expansion value, and do not have problems in the application process.

3, no rise and fall, no direction

The problem is that the hydraulic oil is not perfect, including contaminants and hydraulic oil filters. Solving the above two main problems can replace the new hydraulic oil in time. The latter can replace the effective filtering net in time. These solutions mainly show the fundamental solution of the problem, and more importantly, this problem appears in the process of actual development, indicating that there is a jam in the hydraulic system. It is impossible to solve the problem fundamentally according to the replacement of the new hydraulic oil. It is necessary to clean the multi-channel reversing valve more. In this way, we can fundamentally solve the problem.

4. The steering wheel is inflexible when turning the steering wheel

The reason for this problem is the repositioning of redirector and the leakage of steering cylinders. The solution is to turn the direction in situ, and feel the direction is too light, it can be clear that there is a problem in the location of the reed, it can be replaced. If you feel a certain force when turning the steering wheel, but the steering wheel is very inflexible, and to the left or right can carry on the three hundred and sixty degree of rotation, that is to say, the oil seal on the piston in the cylinder of the steering cylinder has a problem, which leads to the leakage of the internal leakage, the need to replace the oil seal can be.

5. Jitter of lifting cylinder piston rod during lifting process.

The problem should be judged as the hydraulic fluid in the mailbox is not perfect, resulting in the pressure of the liquid pump. After that, it is necessary to clarify the existence of air from the hydraulic line to the piston section of the cylinder. The main solution to the problem is to increase the hydraulic oil, if it can not work normally, it is necessary to relax the oil pipe of the lift cylinder, and then lift the oil cylinder to the bottom, and repeat the operation to discharge the air in the hydraulic pipeline to solve the problem effectively.

6. The elevating oil cylinder slipped too quickly in the process of the shovel

The main problem is the breaking of the spring in the speed limiting valve of the lifting cylinder. The solution to the problem is to replace the spring in the speed limiting valve or to replace the speed limit valve.

7, the piston rod of the inclined oil cylinder is extended automatically

The problem is that the piston rings are not sealed or worn. The solution to the problem is to replace the piston of the inclined oil cylinder, and to guide the sealing ring and dustproof ring on the sleeve, and the piston automatically, jitter, and the external oil leakage of the guide sleeve can be solved.