10 simple ways can effectively reduce the use cost of forklifts.

- May 31, 2018-

1. Often changing the worn tires. This is the work that must be done. It is like a sports car. Because of the full load, the tire is very serious, so the running car race must have a better tire to continue the race, and the forklift is the same, such as the internal combustion forklift, the electric forklift, all of which will be used in the wheel. The tire, and the tire wear too much or partitioned will make the forklift in the working process is not stable, producing a huge vibration, this is a great damage to the electrical system and hydraulic system. So when choosing a forklift, we have to choose a more wear-resistant tire, which is based on the actual conditions of the road surface. When choosing the forklift, we should pay attention to the material and type of the wheel, whether the wheel or the wheel, the tire, the material and the hardness of the wheel are necessary (an example: a polyurethane wheel, for example. " It is often used in indoor forklifts, such as electric van, electric heap high, because it is wear-resistant, working noise is small, and the shock absorber wheel is used in the condition that the ground is not very flat. )

2, to maintain the cleanliness of the forklift working environment, we should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the forklift itself. Forklift workshops, such as warehouses and production workshops, generally have some debris such as wooden pallets, preservative films, garbage, shreds, and production waste, and how these clutter will be entangled in a forklift wheel or tire, especially manual van and manual heap, will have a profound impact on the efficiency of work, so it is necessary to check more of the work efficiency. Check, timely remove the impact of these debris on the work of forklift trucks, and often clean the ground of the forklift workplaces, and even consider the use of plastic pallets or metal pallets instead of wooden pallets.

3, timely add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, the forklift machinery needs more maintenance, and the hydraulic oil shortage can cause the forklift truck to be unable to achieve the rated height and rated load of its work, which will also affect the efficiency of the work.

4, according to forklift operation manual to operate forklift, can not be mistaken operation, light operation will damage forklift, heavy will lead to forklift accident.

5, reduce the impact damage, in the too narrow passageway, to pay attention, it is best to arrange a well-trained forklift driver to work in this distance, and should pay attention to the shock alarm and turn indicator lights, to avoid bruising people and so on.

6, take more time to train your forklift operator and teach them safety common sense, which can reduce the damage rate to the forklift truck itself and the cargo, and also reduce the failure rate of the forklift truck.

7. For preventive maintenance, it is best to make maintenance plans and maintain regular maintenance and maintenance of forklift trucks. In the long run, making maintenance plans and implementing them can save a lot of money. This can prevent major components from malfunction, and also avoid many expensive maintenance costs and prolong the lifespan of your forklift.

8, to have a strict forklift management system, when the forklift is not applicable, please remove the key, avoid other non operator misoperation cause unnecessary damage. To tell the operator in the fork process, for some narrower aisles, you must get off to measure the width of the aisle first to estimate whether the forklift and the goods can be safely passed.

9, after working every day, take half an hour or an hour to listen to the "sound" of the forklift. Because the forklift is often in full load, so in order to ensure the normal work of the second day, please listen to the work sound of the forklift to ensure it is normal and whether it can be used tomorrow.

10, battery maintenance and battery charging training are essential. The battery of the forklift is very important. Now a lot of batteries are lead-acid batteries, but a few batteries are maintenance free, and most of the batteries need special maintenance. At this time, pay attention to often check the distilled water of the forklift. If it is not enough, please add it in time; pay attention when charging, although most of the batteries are filled with batteries. It is intelligent charging, but still can not plug in for a long time, otherwise it will cause damage to the charger. Because of the particularity of batteries, it is best to train your forklift operators to avoid expensive maintenance costs due to improper maintenance of batteries.