SOCMA New Type 28 Ton Heavy Duty Forklift

SOCMA New Type 28 Ton Heavy Duty Forklift

SOCMA New Type Forklift 28 Ton
Engine: Guangxi Cummins
Transmission: SOCMA Electric type
Load Center: 1250mm
Fork length: 2440mm
Lifting height: 3500-5500mm
Mast type: duplex wide view mast
With full cabin and AC
With sideshifter and fork positioner

Product Details

SOCMA New Type 28 Tons Forklift is suitable for port usage to transport and stack loaded container, also widely used in steel factory or steel logistic port to transport steel plates and steel coils.


Strong points of SOCMA new type 28t forklift: 

New Transmission: with 3 forward/3reverse auto-shift, high efficient and smooth gear shifting

New style steering axle: One piece axle body, new rim installation structure, stronger & more reliable(for 25t and 32t forklfits)

New style Digital LCD instrument

Hydraulic drive radiator with better cooling performance and low noise, easily to access and daily check

Slide pad type fork shaft, more reliable

New style cabin: better sight, doors on both sides, easier access, better air outlet position of air-conditioner 

Move the air filter out of the engine house, easier access

Some of the advantages regarding SOCMA heavy duty forklifts:

4,Chassis System

4.1,The long wheelbase, box-shaped double-beam frame can provide good rigidity and strength to ensure the high reliability of the forklift chassis.

4.2,The main structure is subjected to Finite Element Analysis(FEA) (fatigue and strength analysis) to ensure that there is still enough safety margin under severe working conditions; the workmanship is exquisite and firm. Effectively cooperate with axles and transmission to ensure the lateral and longitudinal stability and energy saving of the entire vehicle operation process.

5,Power system.

5.1,Equipped well-known turbocharged engine: strong horsepower, large torque reserve, low fuel consumption, high reliability; easy access to accessories.

5.2, Optional with Weichai, Cummins, Yuchai, Volvo, and other brands.

6.Cooling system.

6.1,Engine large-capacity radiator with sufficient heat dissipation capacity.

6.2,Transmission oil and hydraulic oil radiators are equipped independently,to improve system stability.

7.Lifting components in 28t forklift.

7.1, Reinforced design of special mine carriage and mast; through Finite Element Analysis(FEA), it has the ability to resist and high-intensity operations.

7.2,Standard equipped with a widened duplex mast, which enhances the torsion resistance of the mast, and has a wide field of vision; double speed limit valve oil circuit (the mast is lowered with a speed limit valve to reduce the impact of the hydraulic system), which is more safe.

7.3,Optional with duplex and triplex free lifting mast. Standard with hydraulic heavy-duty side shift fork positioner.

7.4,The forks are interchangeable and can be replaced quickly; Standard with Cascade brand forks , which are stronger, more wear-resistant, and can double their service time.

Pictures of SOCMA diesel forklifts:

heavy duty forklift 28t

28t new type forklift

28t forklift with forks

After-sales Service for 28T Heavy Forklift:


SOCMA grants our clients a twelve-month-period or 2000-hours warranty for the 25t heavy duty forklift produced from us. During the warranty period, in case the defect of material or workmanship has occurred with spare parts in normal operation, the defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge, at our discretion.

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