SOCMA New Type 25T Heavy Duty Forklift

SOCMA New Type 25T Heavy Duty Forklift

N Serial Forklift for 25T Cargo Transport
Engine: Guangxi Cummins
Transmission: SOCMA Electric type
Load Center: 1250mm
Fork length: 2440mm
Lifting height: 3500-5500mm
Mast type: duplex wide view mast
With full cabin and AC
With sideshifter and fork positioner

Product Details

SOCMA New Type 25T Forklift for Heavy Cargo Transport

Strong points of SOCMA 25t forklift: 

New Transmission: with 3 forward/3reverse auto-shift, high efficient and smooth gear shifting

New style steering axle: One piece axle body, new rim installation structure, stronger & more reliable(for 25t and 32t forklfits)

New style Digital LCD instrument

Hydraulic drive radiator with better cooling performance and low noise, easily to access and daily check

Slide pad type fork shaft, more reliable

New style cabin: better sight, doors on both sides, easier access, better air outlet position of air-conditioner 

Move the air filter out of the engine house, easier access

Some of the advantages:

1,Driving Alex

1.1, The front axle adopts a heavy-duty forklift drive axle. The axle housing, wheel hub and bearing are enlarged in size. The spiral bevel gear and wheel side planetary gear reduce speed and increase the torque. The steel type axle housing support, ensure the large load capacity and long service life.

1.2, Using non-spoke pressure plate rim, the wheel hub has a stronger bearing capacity and is convenient for maintenance and disassembly.

1.3, The rear axle adopts a horizontal hydraulic cylinder steering mechanism. The steering axle has a compact structure and a steering angle is up to 70.5°, which is beneficial to reduce steering resistance, reduce tire wear, and improve driving comfort.

1.4, German Kessler driving axle is optional.


2.1, Standard equipped with domestic famous brand planetary transmission, automatic shift transmission can change gears very smoothly, reliable, safe, and easy to maintain.

2.2, It adopts double-turbo hydraulic torque converter, stepless speed change, single lever control speed change system, which makes the operation easier.

2.3,Equipped with a neutral start device, the whole machine starts more safety.

2.4,Optional with electric transmission, electric control valve, German ZF transmission, and power shift fixed axis hydraulic transmission for forklifts.

3,Hydraulic system

3.1, Double pumps merge, steering priority hydraulic system. The system has small flow, low power consumption, reliable performance and excellent operating performance.

3.2, The hydraulic system is equipped with oil return radiator and back pressure protection device to ensure the heat balance of the whole machine.

3.3, The single-handle joystick control valve and electronically controlled variable speed control valve, make operation of the whole machine lighter and more flexible. Highlight the characteristics of high-quality material handling products.

3.4,Full hydraulic load sensing steering system, the rear steering axle has small turning radius, and the steering is light and dexterous.

Main specifications for SOCMA N-serial forklift to transport 25t cargos:


Pictures of SOCMA diesel forklifts:

heavy duty forklift

25t new type forklift

25t forklift

After-sales Service for 25T Heavy Forklift:


SOCMA grants our clients a twelve-month-period or 2000-hours warranty for the 25t heavy duty forklift produced from us. During the warranty period, in case the defect of material or workmanship has occurred with spare parts in normal operation, the defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge, at our discretion.

Installation & maintenance for heavy container usage forklift

SOCMA is able to provide you with overall installation of complicated machinery and equipment, for example-heavy duty forklift, reach stacker etc, allowing you to start the normal operation of these machinery immediately. After installation, we will make inspection of the whole machine, operate equipment, and provide you with testing data reports of installation and operation.

Frequently asked questions for forklift 

What are our advantages compared with other manufacturer/ factories?

Competitive price-we are the most professional manufacturer and the largest exporter of heavy duty forklift in China. From numerous comparison and feedbacks from clients, our price is more competitive than other manufacturers/factories.

Quick response- our team is consisted of a group of diligent and enterprising people, working 24/7 to respond client inquiries and question all the time. Problems can be solved within 12 hours.

Fast delivery-to many it will takes more than 60days for manufacturer/factory to produce the ordered machines, while we have variety of resources, locally and nation widely, to receive machines in timely manner. In 70% circumstance, we can have an immediate delivery of regular machines for our clients.

Do you accept small order for your forklifts from 1.5t to 50t?

It is ok. Any customer and any order are welcome.

I want to be your agent in my country , is that ok?

It is ok. If the order quantity is appropriate, we look forward long-term cooperation.

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