Socma 13.5 Ton Heavy Duty Forklift For Sale Attach Tire Clam

13.5 Ton Forklift Truck
Engine: Powerful
Steering system: safety

Product Details


PIC:John Chen


Technical Parameter

Design details
FeaturesRated LoadQ(t)13.5
Load centerc(mm)600
ChassisTyre Specs.:Front
Tyre Specs.:Rear
Tyres Qty,front/rear(X-drive wheels)
Wheel tread:Frontb10(mm)1677
Wheel tread:Rearb11(mm)2013
DimensionMast/carriage tilt angle(front/rear)Degree(°)6\12
Mast height(fork lowering)h1(mm)3100
Mast lifting heighth3(mm)3000
Max.lifting heighth4(mm)4600
 Height to head guard(height to cab)h6(mm)3000
Overall Length(with forks)l1(mm)6055
Fork front vertical surface to the rear end of the vehiclel2(mm)4855
Overall widthb1/b2(mm)2250
Fork Dimensions/e(mm)1200X180X90
Fork carriage widthb3(mm)2200
Mast min ground clearance(with load)m1(mm)225
Wheelbase center min ground clearance(with load)m2(mm)350
Min.Turning radiusWa(mm)4450
Travel speed(with load/without load)km/h23/26
PerformanceMax.lifting speed(with load/without load)mm/s220/270
Max.Lowering speed(with load/without load)mm/s450/300
Grade ablity(with load/without load)20/22
Driving brake
Hydraulic clamp disc
EngineEngine  brand/modelOptional oneYuchai engine

6.494L 110KW 2200rpm
Optional twoDongfeng Cummins

4.5L 97KW 2200rpm
Cylinder No.6\4
OthersTransmission gears(Front/rear)
Attachments working pressure Mpa16
Attachments using oil amountl/min40

Socma Forklift Related Information and News

Forklifts are special machinery and equipment. There are currently no clear laws and regulations to establish their scrapping years. However, if the maintenance is good and the daily maintenance and grade maintenance are in place, the forklift can continue to be used. Generally, the forklift has been registered, then the quality supervisor will perform the annual inspection Relevant reports will be issued. It will continue to be used if it is qualified, and it will be cancelled if the inspection fails. Therefore, forklift maintenance and service life are closely related.

The entire service life of a forklift can generally be divided into three stages, the stage of new trucks just after leaving the factory, the stage of normal use and the stage of close to overhaul.

New car stage of factory brand new

The new vehicle stage is the running-in stage of the forklift. The forklift has just been used by the user. The initial failure rate is related to the quality of manufacturing or maintenance and the use during the running-in period. If the internal combustion forklift is manufactured or repaired at a high level and strictly follows the usage rules, the failure rate of the forklift will be low at the beginning of its use, otherwise the failure rate will increase.

Normal working phase

After the initial stage of running-in, the forklift officially enters the normal working stage, and the failure rate of the forklift will not be very high at this stage. Strictly follow the user manual and maintenance, generally no major problems will occur.

If the forklift has problems repeatedly at this stage, it is usually caused by improper operation and maintenance, or accidental failure.

Approaching the overhaul phase

After the forklift is used for a period of time, the components will gradually become worn out, and the technical conditions will deteriorate. Forklifts at this stage are characterized by a general increase in failure rate, wear and aging of components, and oil leakage, causing various problems. Generally speaking, if the cost of overhaul at this stage is too high, you can consider scrapping the equipment and buying a new forklift.

The failure rate of forklifts varies in different seasons. The temperature in winter is low, and the failure rate is generally higher than in summer. The fuel supply is often poorly atomized in winter due to low temperatures. The internal combustion forklift fuel is prone to solidification and blockage of the oil circuit, and it is difficult to start or stall when the engine is running. At the same time, the fluidity of lubricating oil at low temperature is poor, and the wear of parts is more serious.

Therefore, the maintenance of forklifts is very important to increase the service life of forklifts. Taking different maintenance measures at different stages can reduce the failure rate of forklifts and improve work efficiency.

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