Fuel Consumption Of 25t CVT Forklifts

SOCMA 25t CVT forklifts,25 ton heavy duty CVT(Constantly Variable Transmission) forklifts

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SOCMA 25 ton heavy duty CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) forklifts is SOCMA NEW product,it can Save 30% Fuel Consumption for customers per years,SOCMA 25 ton forklifts (CVT) the energy transfer efficiency of our CVT transmission is higher than hydrostatic transmission,and what is more,SOCMA 25 ton CVT forklifts it can keep the advantages of the hydrostatic transmission which is easy to control and the starting torque is larger,especially suitable for the forklifts working condition,such as start,shift the gear and steer frequently,SOCMA HNF250 heavy duty diesel forklift can reduce 35% energy consumption,SOCMA 25 ton forklifts (CVT) stepless speed change can save 30% fuel consumption per year for users,and it is widely used in steel coil logistic port and other logistic site.

SOCMA Constantly Variable Transmission 25 tons forklifts

SOCMA 25t forklifts with Constantly Variable Transmission real picture

More information about SOCMA  CVT 25 ton forklifts please email emma@socmachinery.com

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