HNTR4015 360 Degree Rotation Telehandler Forklift

3.Engine:DF Cummins
4:Product configuration:
Multi-purpose forklift with telescopic boom
Equipped with three boom
Body rotation 360°
It can lift up to 15m
The maximum load is 4000kg
Maximum forward extension 10500 mm

Product Details

Payment terms of diesel forklift: TT, LC

Original: China

Diesel forklift for sale market:Global

Price: Negotiable

Application:widely used in tunnel, port, construction site, industrial  company, agricultural and animal husbandry, municipal  fire-fighting for the work of load and unloading,  stacking, short-distance transmutation and aerial  working

Equipment characteristics:

▼HNTR4015 is a multi-purposed telescopic  forklift with rough terrain ability. It is with three section  boom with 360 degree rotate chassis, the max. Lifting  height is 15m, max. Load capacity is 4000kg, max.  Horizontal reach is 10500mm

▼The power system is equipped with air-air  intercooler, which reduces the inlet temperature of the  engine, improve the volume of air inlet, increases the  power of the engine

▼Adopts hydraulic balance valve control, which  limit the speed of boom extension and  withdrawing,preventing risk of heavy cargo out of  control when descending, front & rear out trigger  adopts hydraulic lock control, guarantee the out trigger  can be locked reliably, preventing the failure of out  trigger during the heavy load operation, or the risk of  falling during traveling

▼Adopts domestic high quality electrical  components, maintenance-free battery, electric wire  adopts anti flame retardant material, which features  with high working reliability and durability, the cab  equipped with fan, radio, warm & cooling A/C,  reversing buzzer.

▼Use front wheel drive, rigid suspension, rear  axle steering structure. Front spiral bevel gear and  wheel rim planet reduce the speed and increase torque  and the load capacity, prolong the lifespan. The rear  axle adopts transversal hydraulic steering structure,  the structure of steering axle is compact, with steering  angle of 40°, which reduce the steering resistance and  the wearing of tires, increases the traveling  smoothness

Main specification

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