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HNF-160 Rated load: 16,000 kgs
Load center: 900 mm
Operating weight: 25,000 kgs
Wheel base: 3,800 mm
1, with massive deepen heavy forklift tire, rear steering axle can swing around the center, have good traction performance and passing performance. 2, use Hangchi, Sanchi planet type hydraulic...

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How to repair the 16 Ton Forklift driving axle

2, The repair of forklift driving axle housing’s breakage:

Using the way of welding to repair the cracks of axle housing’s middle part and cracks on the flange, the detailed operation steps are as follows:

V-shaped groove with 90 ° crack along the crack, the depth of which is 2/3 of the thickness.

In the distance between the two ends of the crack 6-10mm, the drill diameter of 5mm hole.

Welding crack, the welding layer should be higher than the basic metal, but not more than 1mm. After front welding, and then welding its opposite side. The weld should be trimmed after welding.

The reinforced axle housing after welding, it is necessary to re-test the straightness error, shell cover and flatness error of the main reducer flange plane, and to correct, grinding to meet the standard.

3,The test and repair of other parts:

1) Screw thread’s damage should not less than 2 buckle, when over 2 buckle, it can be fixed with thread sleeve to repair or welding to repair it.

2) When journal wear of Semi-axle casing rolling bearing is more than 0.04mm, it can be chromed.

3) If semi-axle casing has any cracks and defects, it has to be replaced.

4) When the axle housing is broken, it should be replaced.


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