Electric Forklift 12t-25 Ton With Battery Powered

Electric Forklift 12t-25 Ton With Battery Powered

25 ton Electri Forklift Truck powered by big capacity Lithium-iron Battery.

Product Details

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※Large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery is safe, high efficiency and

long life.

※ Running and Lifting by independent motor driven, electronic throttle

system, automatic shift multi-speed gearbox, taking into account various

working conditions.

※ The hydraulic system is distributed with multiple motors and operates in

high-efficiency sections, which is suitable for the complicated working

conditions of heavy forklifts and reduces power consumption.

※ The kinetic energy of walking brakes and the potential energy of cargoes

can be regenerated to generate electricity. Based on the energy recovery of

lithium batteries, the endurance is improved.

※ The working device is fully electronically controlled and multi-mode

switched, which is safer when carrying precise equipment.

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