China Best Performance 18 Ton Forklifts Use In Industry Factory

China Best Performance 18 Ton Forklifts Use In Industry Factory

18 ton forklift truck

Product Details

18 ton heavy duty forklift Features:

1. The use of Cummins, Weichai, Yuchai turbo diesel engine, strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, to meet the requirements of efficient operation.

2. The use of Hangzhou tooth, three-tooth power shift planetary liquid transmission, combined operating conditions of large traction, dual-variable system is more reliable.

3. The use of twin-turbine liquid torque converter, no-stage variable speed, single-rod control of the variable speed system, easier to operate.

4. The variable speed control valve is loaded with a neutral start-up device, making it safer to start the whole machine.

5. The front axle uses heavy-duty forklift drive bridge, bridge shell, wheel hub, bearing increase size, spiral umbrella gear and wheel-side planetary wheel deceleration and twisting, steel bridge shell support, load capacity, long service life.

6. The hub has a stronger carrying capacity with a non-spoke plate rim.

7. The rear axle uses a horizontal hydraulic cylinder steering mechanism, the steering bridge structure is compact, the transmission angle can reach 70.5 degrees, which is conducive to reducing steering resistance, reducing tire wear, improve smoothness when driving.

8. The use of four heavy-duty pliers brakes, thickened brake discs, rear air storage tank, 18 times brake pressure boost ratio, faster cooling, reliable braking, safer operation.

9. Full hydraulic load sensing steering system, rear steering bridge turning radius is small, steering light and flexible.

10. The use of dual-pump combined flow hydraulic system, greatly reduce fuel consumption, energy consumption, hydraulic system added oil radiator and back pressure protection to ensure the heat balance of the whole machine.

11. The door frame drops using a speed limit valve and a pressure selection valve to reduce the impact of the hydraulic system and to lower the door frame from a height to the ground when the engine stalls.

12. In cooperation with the Haixi Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences, "Structural Optimization Overall Program" to carry out stiffness verification, strength accounting, fatigue life estimation for forklifts, the full use of finite meta-mechanical analysis, structural design more optimized to ensure the safety of product use.

12.1 The long wheelbase, box-shaped two-beam frame provides good rigidity and strength to ensure the high reliability of the forklift chassis.

12.2 The inner and outer door frames are made of roller fit and pulley labor-saving structure, and the door frame has a long service life and high reliability.

12.3 door frame lift height of more than 3 meters, high-type, low-type, standard door frame, a variety of products can be selected according to customer requirements.

12.4 Fast-changing shelves, fast replacement, hydraulic adjustment of cargo forks, easy adjustment, Cascade high-strength forks, higher strength, more wear-resistant, can multiply the life.

13. With block-shaped heavy forklift tires, the rear steering bridge swings around the center for good traction and pass-through performance.

14. The use of adjustable direction aircraft, aviation seats, pilot valve control distribution valve and work unit oil road, light and flexible handling, more comfortable sitting. 

15. The use of domestic high-quality electrical components, maintenance-free batteries, wires using flame retardant materials, reliable and durable work;

16. The machine is atmospheric, beautiful and smooth, with a luxurious wide-field cab with skylights, low noise and good sealing for easy visibility around the driver.

17. Parts localization, standardization, cost-effective, accessory versatility easy to purchase, daily maintenance is simple and fast.

18. Widely used in airports, ports, terminals, stations, warehouses and other high-intensity work of the occasion for loading and unloading, stacking and short-haul transport.

18 ton forklift truck technical parameters

PerformanceRated loadkg18000
Load centermm900
Mast tilt angle (front/rear)o6/12
Overall dimensionsLengthmm7645
Mast lifting heightmm3500
Fork size (L*W*H)mm1800*180*90
Min. turning radiusmm5800
Max. travel speed (unload)km/h30
Lifting speed (with load)mm/s300
Gradeability (with load)%20
Wheel treadFrontmm2060
Min. ground clearancemm265
Rated power/rotate speedKw/r.pm128/2200
Max. torque / rotate speedN.m/r.pm650/1500
  • 18 ton forklifts 

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