42 Ton Heavy Duty Forklift Truck

1. Heavy duty forklift drive axle 2.German Kessler driving axle is optional 3.Wheel hub and bearing are based on force analysis 4.With large load capacity and long service life

Product Details

42 ton heavy duty forklift is a big forklift especially for heavy containers,20GP heavy containers,or add a spreader for 40GP,40HQ,40HC heavy containers,concrete pipes,lifting metallic products,cement product,and other heavy materials handing,lifting,loading and unloading.SOCMA supply LNG big forklifts,diesel big forklifts and electric big forklifts, please contact emma@socmachinery.com for more details.

42 ton big forklifts,Optional with,electric transmission,electric control valve,German ZF transmission and power shift 

fixed axis hydraulic transmission for forklift fork 


forklift with double pumps merge,steering priority,full hydraulic load sensing steering system,equipped with oil return 

radiator and back pressure protection device 

The CHASSIS SYSTEM of 42 metric ton forklift truck,long wheelbase,box-shaped double-beam frame provide good 

rigidity and strength,ensure the high reliability of the forklift chassis,ultrasonic wave on the groove welds of important 

forklift structural parts,Magnetic particle inspection for fillet welds of important parts,

The main structure is subjected to finite element analysis (FEA) fatigue and strength analysis,has enough safety margin

under severe working conditions,effectively cooperate with forklift axles and transmission,horizonal vertical stability and 

energy saving.


Equipped well-know turbocharged engine,strong horsepower,large torque reserve,low fuel consumption,high reliability,

easy access to accessiories,optional with weichai,Cummins,Yuchai,Volvo and other brands.

Cooling System

large-capacity radiator with sufficient heat dissipation capacity,transmission oil and hydraulic oil radiators are equipped 

independently to improve system stability


Reinforced design of special mine carriage and mast,through FINTITE ELEMENT Analysis (FEA) it has the alility to resist

 and high-intensity operations


Standard equipped with a windened duplex mast, enhances the torsion resistance of the mast,double speed limit valve oil circuit,

hydraulic heavy-duty side shift fork positioner,Optional with duplex and triplex free lifting mast

42 ton forklift truck,non-spoke pressure plate rim,the wheel hub has a stronger bearing capacity,

convenient for maintenance and disassembly,GKN rim 


reversing display screen,air-conditioner and heater,fingertip gear operation,low noise and noise and good sealing ,

Euipped with air-conditioner and heater,with sunroof,the steering wheel is adjustable ,the space for driver's leg is large,

LCD instrument CAN integration the vehicle related parameters are integrated.With adjustable steering wheel

SOCMA forklift closed cabin


High braking performance,reliable and stable braking force,can work in any environment,easy maintenance,

spring parking brake,hydraulic release,can be used as emergency brake when the service brake fails;

42 ton forklift truck

42-ton forklift, the steering angle is 70.5 degree, independent R&D gearbox, electronically controlled variable speed system; 

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42000kg Fork Lift truck, equipped with a neutral start device protection device when handbrake didn't been released;

hydraulic electric shift gearbox,double-turbo hydraulic torque converter,stepless speed change of SOCMA 42000kg lifting truck, 

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42 ton big forklift for heavy containers,20GP heavy containers,concrete pipes,lifting metallic products,cement product,and other heavy materials handing,lifting,loading and unloading.SOCMA supply LNG big forklifts,diesel big forklifts and electric big forklifts, please contact emma@socmachinery.com for more details.

Technical Parameters of SOCMA 42 ton big forklift

 Technical parameter
Item Decs. UnitModel
 FeaturesRated LoadQ(t)42
Load centerc(mm)1200
 Weight                          Weightkg53000
 Chassis                       Tyre Specs.:Front
                          Tyre Specs.:Rear
 Tyres Qty,front/rear(X-drive wheels)
 Wheel tread:Frontb10(mm)3030
                             Wheel tread:Rearb11(mm)2786
 Dimension Mast/carriage tilt angle(front/rear)Degree(°)5\10
Mast height(fork lowering)h1(mm)4625
                        Mast lifting heighth3(mm)4000
                 Max.lifting heighth4(mm)6560
 Height to head guard(height to the cab)h6(mm)3900
Overall height(with forks)l1(mm)10400
  Fork front vertical surface to the rear end of the vehiclel2(mm)8000
                       Overall widthb1/b2(mm)4160
                             Fork dimensions/e(mm)2400X300X135
Fork carriage width
Mast min ground clearance(with load)m1(mm)300
Wheelbase center min ground clearance(with load)m2(mm)460
                    Min.Turning radiusWa(mm)8000
Travel speed(with load/without load)km/h22/25
 Performance Max.lifting speed(with load/without load)mm/s200/250
 Max.Lowering speed(with load/without load)mm/s300
 Traceability(with load/without load)25
                            Driving brake
Oil-cooled multiple wet discs
  Engine                 Engine  brand/model  Optional one               Weichai engine
WP12G340(250kW National III)
 Optional two                  Xi'an Cummins
QSM11 250kW
 Cylinder No.6

Torque convertor
                     Attachments working pressure bar
                Attachments using oil amountl/min


Technological innovation, industrial synergy to promote the sustained and healthy development of the new energy automotive industry.


Chairman Zeng Yuqun's speech at the 2020 World New Energy Vehicle Conference.


Dear Vice President Wan Gang, leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning everyone!


Today is an honor to participate in the World New Energy Vehicle Congress. The theme of my speech is technological innovation, industry coordination, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the new energy automotive industry. It mainly includes three aspects, embracing change, technological innovation, and industrial synergy.


Embrace change and seize major opportunities for the industry.



At present, the common climate problem is still serious, energy consumption caused by global warming is becoming more and more serious, the global average temperature has risen by more than 1.2 degrees Celsius, this endo-factor driving the rapid development of the industry.


Under the role of this consensus, countries and global auto companies to new energy transformation momentum is increasing day by day, automotive electrification in recent years significantly accelerated, we expect global sales of new energy passenger cars in 2025 to reach 12 million units, global new energy vehicle sales in 2019-2025 will reach a compound annual growth rate of 32%.


Recently I saw a lot of intelligent cars at the Beijing Motor Show, people can obviously see the effect of intelligence, Wuling Mini 298 million yuan sales amazing, to December this year to sell 30,000 units a month, next year to sell 1 million units, this car is very suitable for young people, is called a napper, noon can go to the car lunch break because it is pure electricity, do not need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning.


Globally, there are five main drivers of electricity:


In terms of national energy strategy, energy security is forcing energy transformation. At the government level, emissions regulations in various countries have been increasingly stringent, and it is being more and more difficult for traditional fuel vehicles to meet the standards. Enterprise level, the world's major car companies have been ahead of the electric strategy, formerly a general platform can do both fuel cars can do electric vehicles, now pure electric exclusive platform layout more and more. At the user level, consumer acceptance of electricity is increasing, and driverless driving is bringing unprecedented ride-thring fun. In terms of infrastructure, charging piles and other supporting services have been gradually improved, and the degree of intelligence has been increasing, energy supply is becoming more and more convenient, infrastructure is becoming a guarantee to support the development of new energy vehicles.


Specifically, by 2025, BMW 33%, Volkswagen 25%, Volvo 50%, and Tesla will sell 3 million cars. In fact, by 2030, many car companies will have to reach 50%. International car companies no longer develop engines, and our universities are already offering energy storage majors.


The above factors add up, we clearly feel the market changes this year, summed up is Europe's all-around acceleration and anti-super. The first is the anti-super sales, in the first seven months of this year, European sales of new energy vehicles increased by 71% year-on-year, sales exceeded China for the first time, and the gap is widening, Europe's full-year sales more than China has become a big probability event.


The second anti-super is policy, domestic passenger car subsidies up to 225,000 yuan, 10% exemption from purchase tax before 2022, horizontal comparison, Germany's highest purchase subsidy can reach 9,000 euros, no purchase tax, value-added tax from 19% down 3 points, France's highest purchase subsidy also reached 7,000 euros. Europe has adopted stricter carbon emissions to guide the business transformation. China's double points can be adjusted, and many companies want the government to be more resolute and consistent.


The third counter-super is an investment, with China investing about seven times as much in the new energy vehicle industry in 2018 as in Europe, and rapidly increasing investment in Europe in 2019, with China accounting for less than 30% of Europe's investment. If this trend continues in the next few years and there is no output without inputs, it will be very difficult for us to stay in the first tier.


The acceleration of all-round electrification in the world has also brought more active advantages to the industry, that is, the cost of the falling year by year. By 2023, some models can achieve unsealed first-time purchase parity, the overall is to 2025, we are also thinking of some other ways, such as car separation, battery rental, commercial vehicles are now easier to achieve, the future of a variety of models will appear.


Technological innovation strengthens the foundation of industrial change.


The CATL adheres to the three major directions of development.


The first is the replacement of fixed fossil energy on the power generation side, that is, the use of advanced batteries and landscape water and another renewable energy-efficient power system to replace coal power generation, solar energy storage power generation, in the photovoltaic use of 2000 hours in the region can replace the fossil energy.


The second is mobile fossil energy substitution, we need energy storage devices and power batteries to completely get rid of dependence on oil.


The third is the development of application scenarios, we want to use electrification and intelligence to empower a variety of applications and scenarios, for all walks of life to provide sustainable, universal, reliable sources of energy. For example, in the mining sector, we have introduced EnerMagic, the overall solution for electric smart unmanned mines, which enables unmanned operation and full electrification of mines.


And to achieve all this depends on our core competitiveness is innovation. Through years of accumulation, the CATL gradually formed four major innovation systems: material system innovation, system structure innovation, intelligent manufacturing innovation, business model innovation.


In order to do a good job of these innovations, CATL adheres to practice basic skills, play the imagination. We want to create a world-class research and development platform, so recently set up 21C Innovation Laboratory, research, and development investment of 3.3 billion, plans to develop more than 1,000 people in five years. Welcome aspiring people to join, Fujian Province gave us the innovation system, we are led by private enterprises in the provincial laboratory, we have the establishment, enjoy the treatment of enterprises.


Through innovation and research and development, we continue to improve the performance and advantages of power batteries in mileage, charging, low temperature, preservation, cost, safety and other six dimensions, high nickel, and silicon negative pole can already be mass-produced, CTP has been a mass product, In the future, we have to do CTC, that is, motor, electronic control, vehicle high-voltage such as DC/DC, OBC, and other innovative architecture integrated, to continue to reduce the fast charging time to 9 minutes, 16 years 2 million kilometers of batteries are also mass production, the future to high-voltage cobalt-free, metal-free battery system, and other fields to continue to explore.


National standard requires the battery 5 minutes can not fire, our newly developed products can not afford fire only smoke, will be mass-produced at the end of some models, we hope that even if a core fire, the entire PACK only smoke, this is a direct solution to the pain point of the program. At present, high energy density, high safety has no problem, low cost still needs time to solve.


Through diversified and open and inclusive innovation, we want to master the full-performance core technologies of power batteries, namely true safety, high energy, self-control temperature, ultra-fast charging, long life, and intelligent management.


CATL also hopes that in the future can strengthen cooperation with the industrial chain, through business model innovation, to broaden the application of lithium batteries. Why should we do 16 years 2 million kilometers, is for business model innovation, battery leasing is a high-quality asset, we hope that the country can provide long-term low-interest loans to buy batteries, with 5 or 6 years to recover the cost, the next 10 years are profits. Now many operating companies, first a few years to do the operating car or rent to consumers, and then the vehicle back to the operating company, PACK to the energy storage charging station, and finally the battery for recycling, one fish four to eat, one fish five to eat can be achieved.


Industry synergy Coalescing the combined force of industrial transformation.

If electricity for electric vehicles is non-renewable, it won't help with alternatives to fossil fuels, the Nobel laureate in chemistry has said, because of lithium batteries, renewable energy is possible instead of fossil fuels, which is the way to change the world. The convergence of the energy revolution and the transportation revolution has driven trillions of emerging markets with advances in advanced technologies such as renewable energy, advanced energy storage, pure electricity drive, 5G communications, and artificial intelligence.


In the future, electric vehicle batteries will be used as an auxiliary means of energy storage, which can not only help the adoption and storage of renewable energy sources but also help reduce battery costs, while electric vehicle power batteries and electrochemical energy storage power stations will be managed through blockchain, which will eventually lead to the construction of the world's leading energy Internet with Chinese characteristics.


With the new four-way lead of networking, intelligence, electricity, and sharing, we will be in an E-Mobility society by 2030, when the flow of energy will be unobstructed and clean energy is everywhere. Unmanned mines, unmanned docks will soon be realized, we recently do underground coal electrification, after the underground will not need workers.


CATL's mission is: based on Chinese culture, inclusive of global culture, to build a world-class innovation and technology companies, for the cause of new energy to make outstanding contributions to mankind.

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