36T Heavy Duty Forklift With Cummins Engine

36T Heavy Duty Forklift With Cummins Engine

36T Heavy Duty Forklift With Cummins Engine
Engine: Cummins
Transmission: Electric type
Load Center: 1250mm
Fork length: 2440mm
Lifting height: 3500mm
Mast type: duplex wide view mast
With full cabin and AC
With sideshifter and fork positioner

Product Details

36T Heavy Duty Forklift With Cummins Engine

Main Configuration and Advantages of SOCMA 36tons Forklift: 

1, Power of 36t diesel forklift: Adopt Turbo-charge engine, Rated power 191kw, Max Torque is 1025N.m, Engine system adopt Int. Advanced fuel system, which features with low fuel consumption, low noise, with strong power and stable out-put, emission can be adjusted with the requirement of different market, the Max. Emission can reach national III standard. The engine widely used in different working condition, with high cost effectiveness and reliable after-sales service to guarantee the usage of the engine. The accessory such as filter and that the engine use is specialized. 

2, Transmission and Torque converter in 36t forklift, Adopts Hangchi ZF technology electronic control transmission. The torque converter is stable and reliable. The gearshift is smooth. It is a reliable transmission assembly after the testing of the market   

3, Driving axle of 36t lifting truck: SOCMA brand driving axle is designed with the same structure as Kessler.  It is with first stage screw reducer and planetary driving wheel side reduction device. 

It is designed for special working condition of forklift.  The wheel shell resistance strength is high.  It is with good supporting and good radiation.  The driving axle is clamp disco brake, it is a high cost effectiveness driving axle with reliable performance and stable quality. 

4, Brake system for 36ton forklift: The forklift is with clamp-disc brake, the braking force is reliable and stable, booster pressure. The braking performance is reliable in any working condition, it is easy to maintain

Main specifications for 36t forklift

36t forklift spec.

Scheduled maintenance regarding 36t heavy duty forklift

Each working 8 hours-36t counter balanced forklit

● Visual check around the machine if is unusual ,oil spills.

● Check the engine oil level、hydraulic oil level、transmission oil level、brake fluid and radiator

antifreezing solution(water).

● Check pin shaft sleever and rotating parts with lubricating grease.

● Check the lighting and instrumentation.

● Check the tire pressure and damage condition.

Each working 50 hours or one week-36 tons forklift

● Tighten front and rear drive shaft coupling bolts.

● Check the gearbox oil level.

● Check the brake stroke gap.

● Check the emergency and parking brake, if improper should adjust.

● Check the tire pressure and damage condition.

● Inject butter.in mast hinge joint ,shafts, chains, and other bearing pressure.

Each working 125 hours or half month-SOCMA heavy duty forklift

● Clean the engine cylinder head and torque converter oil cooler.

● Check the battery level, the joints coated with thin layer of Vaseline.

● Check the hydraulic oil tank.

Each working 250 hours or one month-36t cargo lifter

● Check tightening torque of the rim fixed bolts.

● Check the oil level front and rear the bridge.

● Check the weld line and bolt of mast device, frame, rim if crack, loose.

● Replace engine oil (according to oil quality and engine usage conditions).

● Check the engine fan belts, compressors and generators belt if tightness, damage.

● Adjust the foot brake and parking brake.

● Drain the water tank.

Each working 600 hours or three months-36t heavy cargo forklift

● Check the transmission fluid if is clean, clean oil filter, change new oil and clean the transmission

back shell.

● Tighten front and rear axles and the frame bolts.

● Engine oil must be replaced, replace the oil filter.

● Check the engine valve clearance.

● Clean oil filter of diesel fuel tank refuel and oil absorption.

● Clean oil filter of the hydraulic tank refuel, return oil and oil absorption.

Each working 1200 hours or half year-36t diesel forklfit

● Replace the transmission hydraulic transmission oil, cleaning oil filter, oil pan.

● Replace the engine fuel filter.

● Check the variety of thermometers, pressure gauges.

● Check fastening condition of the engine intake and exhaust pipe.

● Check the operation case of the engine.

● Replace the hydraulic oil, clean the fuel tank strainer, suction tube.

● Replace the front and rear axle gear oil.

Each working 2000 hours or one year

● Check the foot brake and parking brake, if necessary, disassemble, check wear condition of

friction plate.

● Check the brake booster seal, spring components, replacement of brake fluid, check brake


●By measuring t natural subsidence of cylinder, check the distribution valve, the working cylinder


● Check the steering system flexibility.

Pictures of SOCMA 36t diesel forklift:

36t forklift

36t heavy duty forklift

forklift for heavy cargo handlingdiesel forklift36t forklift with 5500mm lifting

steering wheel for forklift

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