360Degree Rotary Furnace Tending Vehicle

360Degree Rotary Furnace Tending Vehicle

Rotator furnace-tending vehicle
Max. vertical extension range of Arm: 750mm-1400mm
Arm extension range: 9500mm-12000mm
Stretching speed of arm: 0-1000mm/s
Body can be 360degree rotated

Product Details

360 degree rotary furnace-tending vehicle


Variable pump hydrostatic transmission walking system

Using Perkins or DF Cummins turbocharged diesel engine, National III emission, strong power, energy saving and environmental friendly, meet the requirements of efficient operation.

The pure electric power system of lithium iron phosphate is also available for option.

Swing axel working with rigid locking cylinder, to ensure the stability of the vehicle during rotation.

Max. vertical extension range of Arm: 750mm-1400mm

Max. speed of elevating: 0-0.3m/s

Operating range for the furnace tending truck: covering the surface of molten aluminum in the furnace, and all the inner walls and bottom of the furnace under the line of molten aluminum

Arm extension range: 9500mm-12000mm

Structure form of slag arm: Single

Tilting angle of arm: 0-25°

Special cab insulation design and high temperature air conditioning.

High reliability, easy operation, low noise.

The slagging and cleaning actions are all electronically controlled, based on a large amount of operating data combined with a built-in optimization program for furnace size, reducing operating difficulty and improving operating efficiency

Stretching speed of arm: 0-1000mm/s

The telescopic arm has a built-in sprocket chain, driven by a motor reducer

Full hydraulic coaxial, light steering. Flow amplification steering system.

Rotary range of upper structure: 360°

Three-section slag arm made of special material, with high strength and long life.

The whole vehicle is equipped with panoramic image and radar system to assist driving system.

The cab can be raised and lowered, and the upper chassis can be  rotated by 360 degrees, which improves the operator’s vision and the efficiency of slagging operations.

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