36 Tons 36t Heavy Forklift FD360

36 Tons 36t Heavy Forklift FD360

HNF-360 Rated load: 36,000 kgs Load center:1250 mm Operating weight: 43,500 kgs Wheel base: 4,800 mm Email: claire@socmachinery.com
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Email: claire@socmachinery.com 

36 tons 36t heavy forklift FD360 SOCMA brand vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany, TCM, CVS  

In construction machinery construction, high oil temperature or high water temperature is a common phenomenon. How should we deal with the engine oil temperature and water temperature at the same time?

It is popular to say:

One, high water temperature: why is the water temperature high?

The water tank is used for heat dissipation, and this cooling mode is air-cooled, that is, the engine driven fan.

So, the reasons for the high water temperature are,

36 tons 36t heavy forklift FD360 SOCMA brand vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany, TCM, CVS  

1. The thermostat is stuck and can not be opened. At this point, the water can only go through a small cycle without passing through the radiator.

2. The inside of the water tank is dirty and the water is not smooth. This can be used to detect the temperature of the water tank with a thermometer gun. The temperature below the water tank will be very low if it is blocked.

3, fan speed is not enough, clutch failure.

4, the rubber strip around the radiator is damaged or not, when the eddy current is generated, the hot air is recycled, and the cooling effect can not be achieved.

5, for the fifth point, it is easy to ignore, is the alarm will be mistaken, the sensor is bad, it is possible, the computer is very wood, only see the data do not look at the truth.

36 tons 36t heavy forklift FD360 SOCMA brand vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany, TCM, CVS  

Two. High oil temperature

The oil temperature is high and the water temperature is similar, also has the size circulation, but not through the thermostat, he has a return oil one-way valve. If the valve is stuck, the oil temperature will be high, and the other is the same as the water temperature.

Of course, the excavator is driven by a fan pump fan motor speed adjustment, there is an overflow device, generally high oil temperature, check these places can be solved.

I will give you a brief introduction of the views of the next expert. According to his years of experience, he believes that if the oil and water temperature of the engine are too high at the same time, if the quantity of oil and water is sufficient or not much, the temperature of the oil should be reduced first and then the temperature should be reduced. The reasons are as follows:

1. high oil temperature is harmful to the engine

The temperature of the engine is too high, which means that the oil temperature and water temperature of the engine exceed 90 degrees. When these two temperatures are too high at the same time, it will affect the normal work of the engine and bring some harm to the engine: the gap is reduced, and serious wear or "cylinder" is formed.

Oil temperature mainly indicates the comparison between heat production and heat dissipation.

36 tons 36t heavy forklift FD360 SOCMA brand vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany, TCM, CVS  

The crankshaft and the bearing heat with friction, and the oil exudes most of the heat, and the balance between the heat production and the heat dissipation (the performance of the oil temperature stability) is relative. When the heat production exceeds the heat dissipation, the bearing bush temperature will rise, local temperature to lead melting point, the bearing bush lead will melt, precipitation. When a large number of lead precipitates, the bearing surface of the axle bush is becoming smaller and uneven, which aggravates the wear and tear, and the local temperature can exceed the melting point of copper (1083 degrees C), and the copper begins to melt, which eventually leads to the serious ablation of the crankshaft and the bearing, or the consequences of the "bearing shaft".

According to the test, when the oil temperature reaches 110 degrees, the oil film temperature in the bearing clearance can reach 150 degrees Celsius. If the oil film temperature is above 150 C, it is easy to break into semi dry friction. Because crankshaft bearings are copper-lead alloys, if the reduction measures are not appropriate, the bearing temperature will be too high and lead will melt out, the consequences are unthinkable. Therefore, when the temperature of oil and water is high at the same time, oil temperature should be lowered first.

2. reducing the temperature of oil can slow the increase of water temperature

Oil lowering temperature usually adopts the method of "reducing load and low speed". At this time, although the heat exchange time of the coolant is long at high temperature parts, the water flow speed is slowed down, and the heat dissipation time is prolonged. At the same time, due to the reduction of load and the reduction of rotational speed, the heat generated by friction of all moving parts is also reduced. Therefore, the oil temperature reduction can not only reduce the heat generated by the engine, but also reduce the heat absorbed by the coolant, which can also slow the increase of water temperature.

36 tons 36t heavy forklift FD360 SOCMA brand vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany, TCM, CVS  

3. oil temperature is one of the main factors affecting the oil pressure

When the engine oil temperature is too high, not only can the oil consumption increase (leakage, evaporation and combustion), but also the oil quality is affected, the oil film on the friction surface of the engine parts is not easy to form and maintain, and the oil pressure of the main oil channel can not be established, thus the wear of the machine parts is aggravated. The effect of water temperature on oil pressure must be achieved by oil temperature. Therefore, it has a certain degree of indirectness and takes a certain amount of time.

4. the lowering of water temperature has great influence on the oil pressure of engine main shaft.

As we all know, the temperature of precipitation generally adopts the method of "lowering load and high speed". When the rotational speed is too high, the inertia force and centrifugal force of the piston linkage will increase, and the load of the crankshaft bearing will be increased. At the same time, the relative friction speed of the shaft neck and the axle bush will increase, the heat generated in the unit time increases, the oil quantity of the oil pump drops, the oil of the oil pump is dropped from the main oil channel, which causes the friction surface of the machine parts to aggravate because of the lack of sufficient lubricating oil, and the oil temperature will go up step by step.

ItemItem details  Unit 
FeaturesRated LoadQ(t)36
Load centerc(mm)1250
ChassisTyre Specs.:Front
Tyre Specs.:Rear
Tyres Qty,front/rear(X-drive wheels)
Wheel tread:Frontb10(mm)2400
Wheel tread:Rearb11(mm)2450
DimensionMast/carriage tilt angle(front/rear)Degree(°)6\12
Mast height(fork lowering)h1(mm)4010
 Mast lifting heighth3(mm)3500
Max.lifting heighth4(mm)5760
Height to head guard(height to cab)h6(mm)3860
Overall height(with forks)l1(mm)9700
Fork front vertical surface to the rear end of the vehiclel2(mm)7150
Overall widthb1/b2(mm)3320
Fork dimensions/e(mm)2440X340X125
Fork carriage widthb3(mm)3000
Mast min ground clearance(with load)m1(mm)400
Wheelbase center min ground clearance(with load)m2(mm)460
Min.Turning radiusWa(mm)7260
Travel speed(with load/without load)km/h25/28
PerformanceMax.lifting speed(with load/without load)mm/s260/280
Max.Lowering speed(with load/without load)mm/s250/180
Gradeablity(with load/without load)20/20
Driving brake
Hydraulic clamp disc

Engine  brand/modelOptional oneWeichai engine
9.726L 178KW 2200rpm
Optional two Dongfeng Cummins

8.3L 194KW 2200rpm
Cylinder No.6
OthersTransmission gears(Front/rear)
Attachments working pressure bar180
Attachments using oil amountl/min80