30T Diesel Forklift Stack 4layers Container

30T Diesel Forklift Stack 4layers Container

30T Diesel Forklift Stack 4layers container
Engine: Cummins
Transmission: Electric type
Load Center: 1250mm
Fork length: 2440mm
Lifting height: 81000mm
Mast type: duplex wide view mast
With full cabin and AC
With sideshifter and fork positioner

Product Details

30T Diesel Forklift Stack 4layers container

Strong points of SOCMA 30tons Forklift for 4layers container stacking: 

1, The thermal balance temperature of the engine and transmission is good: The engine water thermal balance temperature will keep 105℃ below, transmission oil thermal balance temperature will keep 90℃ under the environmental working temperature of 40℃, which can solve the problem of oil-leakage, water-leakage causing by aging of seal, and other failure such as engine early wearing, power transmission failure. 

2, Optimized mast design, with wide view: Optimized mast with small clearance, compact structure, which provides wide front view for the operator. It is good for safe-working improvement and the increasing of the work efficiency. 

3, Good cost effectiveness and stable performance: China Domestic configuration with the same performance of imported configuration, with good feedback after launching into the market 

Main specifications for  30t forklift using for container stacking

specifications for 32t forklift

30t Heavy duty forklift maintenance details of electrical system

● If the wire in a humid environment or insulator is damaged, the electrical system is easy to

leakage, resulting in dangerous accidents.

● Components associated with the electrical system maintenance:

1) Check the fan belt tightness and damage;

2) Check the height of liquid in the battery or charge status indicator color.

Note: If using the "maintenance-free lead-acid batteries", the battery cover with the battery state of

charge display indicator. When the indicator shows green ,the battery can be used normally; When

the indicator shows black, the battery should be promptly charged; When the indicator shows white,

should be replaced immediately.

● Do not arbitrarily remove the electrical components on the machine.

● Does not allow to add other electrical components on the machine.

● When washing machine or in rain and snow environment ,keep the electrical system dry.

● Construction at the beach, prevent sea water corrosion on the electrical system.

●Standby power never connected to fuse, starting switch or battery relay.

New 30t forklift to stack 4layers container running-in

Start using new forklift after running-in, starting from idle, and gradually increase the load, the

purpose is to run in friction parts, to extend the life of the machine.

New 30t forklift running-in (60 hours)

●New forklift running-in total 60 hours, two forward, one backward, arrange to running-in each


●During running-in loading and unloading load shall not exceed 70% of the rated load.

● Note the machine lubrication condition, replace or add grease at set time.

● Note temperature of gearbox, torque converter, front axle, tires, wheel housing and the brake hub,

if overheated, should find out the reasons for exclusion.

● Check fastening condition of each bolt, nut.

●Within running-in time ,don’t move too much or too fast.

Following check after 8 hours running-in of new 30t forklift

● The connection part of the bolt, nut if loosen. Especially the diesel engine cylinder head bolts,

exhaust bolts, axle bolts, rim nut, connecting bolt of transmission shaft.

● Whether have abnormal sound of the rotating parts.

● The meter reading, lighting, turn signals if are normal.

● The leak tightness of hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, braking systems etc

●Braking, steering if is flexible and reliable.

● Gantry device movement if is normal.

●The tightness of engine fan belt, alternator belt, air conditioning compressor belt .

●Connection fasten of The joystick, throttle shaft sliding if is flexible and reliable.

● Battery electro-hydraulic proportion, reserves or indicator color, tighten the battery connector


Following working after finishing running-in

● Cleaning rough, fine oil filter and fuel filter.

● Clean the filter transmission oil pan, replace the hydraulic transmission oil.

● Replace the diesel oil.

Pictures of SOCMA 8.1m 30t diesel forklift:


8.1m 30t forklift

forklift for heavy cargo handling30t forklift with 5500mm lifting

steering wheel for forklift

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