30 Ton Forklift For Heavy Containers Handling

30 ton forklift for heavy containers handling,container transport,heavy container handling

Product Details

30 ton forklift is widely used in container handling and steel coils and other heavy materials handling,

This unit is excellent and economic choice for heavy containers handling,container transport,heavy container handling,steel coils materials loading and unloading,and other heavy cargo materials handling;

Product advantage:

1. Heavy duty forklift drive axle 

2.German Kessler driving axle is optional 

3.Wheel hub and bearing are based on force analysis 

4.With large load capacity and long service life

30 ton forklift for containers handling

30 ton transportation (3)

30 ton forklift truck for container transport,

30 ton forklift (10)

30 ton forklift (5)

    Optional with,electric transmission,electric control valve,German ZF transmission and power shift 

    fixed axis hydraulic transmission for forklift fork 


    forklift with double pumps merge,steering priority,full hydraulic load sensing steering system,equipped with oil return radiator and back pressure protection device 


    reversing display screen,air-conditioner and heater,fingertip gear operation,low noise and noise and good sealing ,

    Euipped with air-conditioner and heater,with sunroof,the steering wheel is adjustable ,the space for driver's leg is large,

    LCD instrument CAN integration the vehicle related parameters are integrated.With adjustable steering wheel;


      High braking performance,reliable and stable braking force,can work in any environment,easy maintenance,

      spring parking brake,hydraulic release,can be used as emergency brake when the service brake fails;

32 ton forklift for container stacking,steel coil materials handling,welcome contact emma@socmachinery.com for the price and more detals,thank you!

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