28T Container Usage Forklift

28T Container Usage Forklift

28T Port Usage Heavy Duty Forklift
Engine: Cummins
Transmission: Electric type
Load Center: 1250mm
Fork length: 2440mm
Lifting height: 5500mm(to stack 3layers 20ft container)
Mast type: duplex wide view mast
With full cabin and AC
With sideshifter and fork positioner

Product Details

28T Container Usage Forklift,3 Layers Stacking

Main specifications for forklift 28t lifting capacity, to lift 20ft loaded containers

28t forklift 5.5m Spec.

Pictures of SOCMA 28t diesel forklifts:

25t forklift container usage1

25t forklift container stacking

forklifts for container usageforklifts for container stackingforklift for container usage

steering wheel for 18t forklift

2.1 Use details of oil, fuel and cooling liquid in 28t heavy duty forklift

2.1.1 General rules when usding the 28t forklift in port to transport heavy containers

● Because the working condition of forklift is relatively scurviness, and the external environment is

dusty, the oil is very perishable. Once the oil deterioration, or impurities in the oil too much, should

be replaced. Even if the oil is very clean, should change oil by maintenance requirements regularly.

● Oil must be clean. change oil in less dust place, so as to avoid oil contamination.

● Add oil according to the requirement,addding too much or too little will lead to failure. When

check the oil,forklift must be in the level.

● The first oiling should start engine, after running 5min ,check engine oil level again.

●When change oil, should clean or replace the filter, if found a large number of metal particles or

other impurities, please contact our service personnel.

● Clean oil vessel and oiling position, when found damaged butter mouth,must be replaced

● Change engine oil refer to "diesel use and maintenance manual."

● A variety of oil may not mix, alternative. Otherwise it will result in failure of the aging rubber

parts, parts wear out prematurely.

2.1.2 Hydraulic transmission oil in forklift for loaded container stacking

● Variable speed joystick in neutral position, pull the parking brake lever, block placed at the front

and back of tire

● Loosen the oil pan drain plug, found the old oil dirty, do not directly fuel, should open the oil pan,

clean the parts. If there are a lot of metal powder or debris, should contact our service personnel.

● Successively install the demolition of the pieces, adding a small amount of hydraulic transmission

oil, start the engine, idle for 10-30 seconds. Stop until the oil cools, the oil sump release, re-enter

the new oil.

2.1.3 Fuel oil of the forklift

● Fuel pump is a precision device, if the fuel is mixed with water or dirt, will not work.

● Do not remove the coarse filter of fuel tank when adding fuel, do not let things mixed with


● Fuel at low temperature ≤ -15 ℃ will be below freezing, replace fuel according to the provisions

of this manual based on different ambient temperature.

● To prevent water vapor in the air condenses into water, into the fuel tank, work is completed, you

should fill the fuel.

● If you do not absorb fuel or have just changed the fuel filter, the loop should be excluded from the


2.1.4 Cooling liquid of 28t forklift

● General use of rain water, tap water or clarified water as cooling water. Well water, spring water

contain more minerals, is easy to make the water chamber of diesel engines produce scale, affecting

the cooling effect caused by failure, it should not be used directly (can be precipitated by boiling

before use).

● If the engine overheated, add cooling liquid after engine coolant.

●Coolant to be added to the specified height, the cooling liquid is too low will result in engine

overheating and cooling system corrosion problems.

● Ambient temperature below 0 ℃, add antifreeze to the coolant. If there is no antifreeze in the

coolant, let out coolant after stopping, next time you start before rejoining.

● Antifreeze is flammable, add antifreeze to stay away from open flame.

● 100% antifreeze can not be directly used as a coolant ("WANRUNJIA brand" -35 antifreeze has

deployed, can be used directly), the concentration of the specific formula as following table:

2.1.5 28T forklift lubricating oil 

● Proper lubrication to reduce friction and machine parts wear, reduce noise, ensure the normal

operation of the machine, extended machine life.

● This manual is not involved in the connection body (such as connectors, connecting sets) usually

do not need to add oil, some parts of the prolonged use is not flexible, please add lubricating oil.

2.1.6 Oil plants storage

●Prevent water, dirt and other impurities mixed.

●Ensure the quality of long-term storage oil, should follow the FIFO principle.

2.1.7 Filters in forklifts

● Filter is an important safety component, to prevent oil, fuel, hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission

oil impurities into the important device cause malfunction. Filter should be replaced regularly.

When the work environment has become more difficult, shorten the time interval to replace the


● Paper element filter can not be cleaned after use, the new filter should be replaced.

●Will not open the package of the new filter before use.

● To use the authentic filter accessories.

● Maintenance of diesel filter cleaning, see "engine use and maintenance manual."

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